Month: March 2016

The Roger Clemens Baseball Card from 1990 that You Don’t Have

If you were in the market for a Roger Clemens baseball card during the peak years of the hobby boom, the spring of 1990 would have been as good a time as any to find a bargain. After two “warm-up” years in 1984 and 1985, The Rocket had streaked across the baseball firmament in 1986 with a 24-4 record, 2.48 ERA, and 238 strikeouts. He followed up that Cy Young and MVP award-winning season with another Cy Young in 1987 and a top-notch campaign in 1988. Then, his booster rocket fell off in 1989 and his ERA “ballooned” all...

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Ken Griffey, Jr., Baseball Cards: The Definitive Guide

For most of the last three decades, Ken Griffey, Jr., baseball cards sat near the top of the hobby mountain. The popularity of Junior cards climbed steadily through his first 11 years with the Seattle Mariners and then jumped into the stratosphere when he came “home” to the Cincinnati Reds before the 2000 season. Unfortunately for the Reds and Griffey, that marriage turned out not to be quite the dream match-up we all envisioned, and Griffey’s star dimmed, just a bit, as his numbers tumbled and other superstars stepped into the spotlight. With the late-career exploits of Barry Bonds and...

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Baseball Card Blogs Weekly Roundup: Peyton Manning Edition (March 7-11, 2016)

The day that Indianapolis Colts fans have been dreading for five years finally came to pass on Monday as Peyton Manning rode off into the Denver sunset. Here in Peyton Pass — otherwise known as Central Indiana — we’ve never been quite the same since the most famous neck in football betrayed our NFL destiny in 2011, and now many are in an outright sports mourning phase. But while Peyton is gone from the field, some great things are eternal. Like baseball cards, and baseball card blogs. To soothe our loss and to celebrate the arrival of Spring, here...

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Ryne Sandberg Rookie Card Set Off Treasure Hunt in Summer of 1984

(Check out our other player card posts here.) Last year’s baseball cards, duly sorted and stashed away in a shoebox under your bed, become a treasure trove for the future when formerly unknown young players step into the spotlight. In the summer of 1984, the upstart Chicago Cubs forced their way into the Major League sunshine and sent collectors scurrying to dust off stashes of 1983 pasteboards in search of hidden gems, led prominently by the Ryne Sandberg rookie card. The early 1980s had been unkind to Chicago fans, as so many seasons are, but it didn’t take long to figure...

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This Lou Gehrig Baseball Card Was The Iron Horse’s Last Gum Issue

When you try to picture a Lou Gehrig baseball card, what image comes to mind? If you’ve spent much time at all perusing hobby publications and websites over the last, say, 80 years, then chances are pretty good that the colorful Goudey issues of the early 1930s crowd into your mental card gallery. It’s fitting imagery, too, because Goudey’s 1933 set ushered in the first Golden Age of gum cards, thanks to their blazing hues and larger-than-normal (for the time) size of 2-3/8″ x 2-7/8″. Not surprisingly, the primetime Gehrig was a centerpiece of the issue, clocking in with...

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