Month: April 2016

Baseball Card Blogs Weekly Roundup – Opening Day (Week) Edition (April 2-8, 2016)

To state the obvious, a new baseball season began this season. And, while Opening Day has devolved into Opening Night and lost much of its historical flair, this week is still the most important and anticipated of the year for most of the baseball world. This is the week we’re all new, and anything can happen. This is when next year begins. So, with apologies to Villanova and UConn and Golden State and NFL draft hopefuls, this roundup is all about the boys of summer. Want more great hobby reading? Check out our definitive guide to 400+ of the...

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Bob Feller Baseball Card Commemorates Greatest Opening Day Performance

(Check out our other player card posts here.) In the long history of Major League Baseball, only one no-hitter has been thrown on Opening Day. And, even though it was a BIG DEAL when it happened, only one Bob Feller baseball card was produced to commemorate the event the following season. If you’re a s tickler for definitions, you might argue that 1941 Wheaties “Champs of the U.S.A.” issue is not a card at all, but you can bet fans and collectors were thrilled to get their hands on any rendering of Rapid Robert as America ramped up our involvement in World...

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Baseball Card Blogs Weekly Roundup – Final Four Edition (March 25 – April 1, 2016)

OK, technically the 2016 Final Four doesn’t start until tomorrow, but the Road to Houston is still THE sports story of the past week. Of course, Opening Day is on Sunday, so this is one of the  biggest sporting weekends of the year and the biggest of the Spring. And, as always, there is plenty of hobby reading to prime our pumps for the excitement to come.  With that in mind, here are the best posts from our pastime in the last week. Want more great hobby reading? Check out our definitive guide to 400+ of the best sports card websites here, or...

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