Month: January 2017

Complete Checklist of Donruss Perez-Steele Hall of Fame Diamond King Puzzles

When Fleer and Donruss toppled Topps’ monopoly in 1981, both upstarts directly targeted The Old Gum Company’s business model. Not only did both companies issue wax packs with more cards than their stodgy counterpart (18 per pack for Donruss, 17 per pack for Fleer), but they also included a stick of gum in each pack. After some legal wrangling, though, Topps emerged with exclusive rights to include confections with their cards, leaving Fleer and Donruss searching for an alternative. Fleer opted to add a rather boring run of team logo stickers to their wax packs in 1982, but Donruss...

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Cesar and the Schwinn

(Check out our other player card posts here.)   More than anything else in this world, baseball cards have the power to transport me back to my childhood in rural Indiana. A single glimpse of, say, a 1983 Donruss Cesar Cedeno card, and I’m floating down Mill Creek in an innertube on a perfect summer afternoon. And sometimes, when I visit the old home place like I did today, the poetry of the game and the images of our boyhood heroes become overwhelming, and I have to cathart. So, if you’ll indulge me, here is a piece I wrote...

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