Month: May 2017

1977 Topps Dennis Eckersley Hinted at Dominance of May 30th No-Hitter

Even if you were lucky enough to pull a Dennis Eckersley card from a 1977 Topps wax pack that spring, you probably weren’t all that impressed or intimidated. There Eckersley was, posed on the front of his second-year pasteboard in cold-weather gear that included a long-sleeve “sweat” suit underneath a Cleveland Indians red home jersey. Of course, you might have been forgiven for thinking the top was actually pink and not red given Topps color scheme for the team that year. And it was fitting, right? The Indians were perennial doormats who couldn’t possibly hang with the big boys...

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Vietnam Veteran Garry Maddox Led Phillies to Victory on Memorial Day in 1980

The 1980 Philadelphia Phillies featured an aging group of superstars who came together to win a Wolrd Series championship despite having the weakest regular-season record among baseball’s four division winners. Along the way, they squeak past the Montreal Expos in the NL East and then took five games to knock off the Houston Astros in the best-of-five NLCS. Finally, they upended the favored Kansas City Royals, four games to two, in the Series. Today, most fans associate that Phillies team with Hall of Famers Mike Schmidt and Steve Carlton, and should-be HOFer Pete Rose. But the Phils were loaded...

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Joe Morgan’s Only Houston Astros Memorial Day Game Foreshadowed His 1972 Topps Baseball Cards

Hall of Fame second baseman Joe Morgan spent parts of nine seasons with the Houston Colt .45s and Houston Astros, but did you know he appeared in only one Memorial Day game for them? It’s the truth, and Morgan’s one Memorial Day appearance in Astros’ road grays seemed to foretell the trade that would change his career. Here’s how it happened … Unofficial Holiday Although Americans began collectively honoring our fallen soldiers in the years after the Civil War through the observance of Decoration Day, it wasn’t until 1971 that Memorial Day became an official holiday. As it happened, the Cincinnati Reds...

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10 Fun Classic Baseball Cards that Make Everyday Feel Like Friday

(You can find more fun, Friday Feeling baseball card posts here!) Ah … Friday! Your work week (or school week) is almost done, and you’re ready to kick back and enjoy the weekend. No other day of the week has as tangible a feeling as does Friday … it’s that now Twitter-famous #FridayFeeling. Too bad you can’t make every day feel like Friday, right? Well, you can. Sort of. Nothing says 'Friday' like a stack of ridiculous #BaseballCards! #FridayFeeling Click To Tweet As with most areas of life, you need only to turn to your baseball cards to help solve...

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Why the 1985 Topps Benny Distefano Rookie Card Is So Valuable

I spent the first two years of my baseball card collecting career with one of those hard plastic Cincinnati Reds replica batting helmets screwed to my head. I wore that thing everywhere because, well, the Reds were my team, and I needed them with me at all times. Especially during the summer months, I didn’t go anywhere without my Reds helmet, a wad of Big League Chew in my mouth and the pack in my back pocket, and a box of baseball cards. That was mostly fine with my parents, but it got a bit dicey when we went...

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