Month: May 2017

What the 1979 Topps Mitchell Page Baseball Card Taught Me About Assumptions

One of the first hobby treasure troves I uncovered a couple years into my collecting journey was a shiny white shoe box jammed full of 1979 Topps baseball cards. A local dealer was sorting through them as I approached her table at a Saturday flea market, and I was mesmerized. This was about 1984 or 1985, and the 1979s seemed so — exotic. They came from an era when there was only one set issued each year. They looked clean and uncluttered compared to the cards I was pulling from packs at the time. And, most importantly, I didn’t...

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How the 1981 Topps Steve McCatty Card Almost Ruined the Hobby

(Check out our other player card posts here.) Many of the memories from the first 10 years of my childhood seem to involve dreary Saturday afternoons spent holed up in my room while my dad either 1) slept off another brutal work week in the next room or 2) worked on his car  with hand tools and duct tape so he could make it out for another brutal week of work on Monday. Blech! While I know that’s not entirely true, that our little family had many more good times than tough times, it’s those boring, rainy Saturdays that most often...

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1984 Topps Baseball Cards — The Ultimate Guide

When collectors tore open our first wax packs of 1984 Topps baseball cards as another cold winter yielded to the hope of Spring, we had no way of knowing just how significant those little rectangles of cardboard would become. But looking back, it’s easy to see they were no ordinary baseball cards. No, nestled there beneath the waxy shield and cuddled in close to sugary pink confection of summer were tiny paper time machines. If we had paid attention, those cards would have given a glimpse of America’s near future. And now, more than three decades later, they can transport...

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Which Player Was Caught Stealing a Record 4 Times in One Game?

Answer: Robby Thompson of the San Francisco Giants on June 27, 1986. Thompson’s feat came during a 12-inning contest at Riverfront Stadium against the Cincinnati Reds. The Giants won the game when Mike Aldrete lifted a sacrifice fly to score Chili Davis in the top of the 12th. Despite his base-running gaffes, Thompson finished second to St. Louis Cardinals reliever Todd Worrell in the 1986 National League Rookie of the Year balloting that November. Some guy named Barry Bonds finished a distant sixth in the ROY race, with Thompson’s teammate Will Clark one spot higher in fifth. Thompson flashed speed throughout his 11-year Major League career, finishing with 103 stolen bases and 39 doubles. He always struggled to deliver consistent value on the basepaths, though, as his 62 caught-stealings attest. The record for number of times caught stealing in a nine-inning game is three, held by Joe Hauser, Liz Funk, Dave Robertson, George Kelly, Rogers Hornsby, and Bernie Friberg.   Love old baseball cards like this one? Check out all our posts here.   Wax Pack Gods In Your Inbox!Can't get enough sports card nostalgia? Leave your email address below and we'll send you updates and occasional goodies (e-books, articles, etc.) that you won't find anywhere else. Sign Me Up! Thank you for your interest in Wax Pack Gods! Please check your email to confirm that you want to sign...

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Who Is The Only Shortstop to Play an Entire Doubleheader Without Recording a Fielding Chance?

Answer: Toby Harrah, Texas Rangers On June 25, 1976, Harrah played both halves of the Rangers’ doubleheader at home against the Chicago White Sox. He managed to make it through all 18 innings without touching the ball once in the field. Harrah did star at the plate, though, going 3-for-5 with a grand slam and five RBI in the first game, and 8-4 Texas victory. He kept it up in the second game, going 3-for-3 with a 2-run dinger, 3 ribbies, and 2 walks in the Rangers’ 14-9 loss.  ...

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