Month: May 2017

Cardboard Dreams in Marble City: The Collecting Story of Knoxville’s Sam McMillan

Knoxville, TN, may be known as the “Marble City,” but for long-time collector and Knoxville resident Sam McMillan, it’s cardboard that rules the day. With a variety of baseball card projects underway at any given time, Sam dedicates a couple of hours each day to the hobby. Recently, Sam took carved out some time to share his Collector Story with us. Enjoy!     How long have you been collecting? 37 years How did you get started collecting? I remember looking through the Sears catalog and asking for those lots of football cards they had for sale. Nothing but...

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Collecting in Cooperstown — Mayor Jeff Katz’s Amazing Hobby Story

(Check out our other collector stories here.) Is there any more hallowed ground for baseball fans than Cooperstown, NY? After all, it’s home to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and still holds the mythical title of the “Birthplace of Baseball,” accurate or not. But Cooperstown is also the hometown of James Fenimore Cooper, the first major American novelist, making it a bucket-list favorite of the literary set, as well. It’s little wonder, then, that when author and long-time baseball card collector Jeff Katz made his way east from Chicago, he eventually landed in Cooperstown. Unlike many fans who make a pilgrimage to...

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Sweet Memories Brewing — Matt Prigge’s Collecting Story

Hall of Famer Robin Yount was the quintessential company man, spending the entirety of his spectacular 20-year career with the Milwaukee Brewers while leading all Major Leaguers in hits during the 1980s. While veteran collector Matt Prigge may not have quite the baseball chops that Yount does, the two men do share one strong bond — an abiding devotion to their beloved Brew Crew. Matt, who hails from Milwaukee, was kind enough to share his hobby journey with us, the latest in our series of Collector Stories. As you might imagine, his tale is tinged throughout with powder-blue Brewers memories. —...

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For the Love of the Game — A Collector’s Story

Can you imagine tearing into a pristine wax pack of 1972 Topps baseball cards and pulling a vintage card of Hammerin’ Hank Aaron? Talk about a hobby dream come true. But for Doug, a long-time collector from Grand Rapids, MI, it’s no dream — it actually happened! That’s just one of the many awesome memories Doug has built during nearly four decades of collecting, and he was gracious enough to share his collector’s story with us. Enjoy the golden memories … — How long have you been collecting? 37 years. Since I was 7. How did you get started collecting?...

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