Month: August 2017

The Best Baseball Card of 1976 Is “Pure” Nostalgia

(This is Day 17 of our series on the “Best Card From” each year, 1960-1989. Read all the entries here.) There is a forbidden fruit hidden among the piles of vintage baseball cards stashed in corners and under beds across the United States. If you were a collector during the 1970s or 1980s, you probably heard whispers about this taboo cardboard, but you many never have seen it up close. Its simplicity and beauty was as legendary as its disregard for rules was offputting to the old guard of the hobby. It was the … 1976 SSPC set, and its very existence...

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Why You Should Hate the Best Baseball Card of 1975

(This is Day 16 of our series on the “Best Card From” each year, 1960-1989. Read all the entries here.) Hype is just so … overhyped. Misleading and possibly dangerous, too. I mean, if we restrict ourselves to just baseball, hype might have led you to believe that: Brien Taylor would be a left-handed Dwight Gooden (OK, turns out he sorta was). Willie Hernandez really should have won the AL Cy Young and MVP awards in 1984. The Oakland A’s would steamroll the Cincinnati Reds in the 1990 World Series. “Baseball Cards” and “Limited Edition” co-exist after about 1970. Bud Selig...

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The Real Reason Your Childhood Baseball Cards are Worthless Today [Infographic]

Do you remember that time when your baseball cards were worth money? Or at least you thought they were worth money? Yeah, seems like a long time ago doesn’t it? Fact is, back in the 1980s and even into the 1990s, most of us were hybrid collectors. Sure, we got into the hobby because we loved the game and loved the cards, but we also thought there’d be some gold at the end of our cardboard rainbow if we just held on to our stash long enough. It’s evident now that most of our childhood cards are, if not...

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14 Corny Knock Knock Jokes Only True Baseball Card Collectors Will Understand

(You can find more fun, Friday Feeling baseball card posts here!) It’s Friday again … or at least it should be. And what better way to tap into that Friday Feeling than with some great old baseball cards? Well, how about with some baseball card knock knock jokes?!?! They’re cheesy and will make you groan, but they’ll also make you laugh in spite of yourself. And you can feel smug in the fact that only a true collector will get most of them.     Knock Knock Who’s there? Aurelio. Aurelio who? Aurelio don’t think that’s Rodriguez. Looks like...

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Batting Cages and Cardboard: 10 Vintage Baseball Cards that Feature Tools of the Trade

One of the great things about baseball cards is that, within the space of about nine square inches, you have the chance to get an inside look at just about any aspect of the game you can imagine — like batting cages. If you’ve ever played baseball at any level or even thought about playing baseball at any level, there’s a good chance you’ve spent some time inside a batting cage or two. And when you did … well, didn’t you imagine that you were Roger Maris or Dave Parker or maybe Rod Carew. I know that I did,...

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