Month: September 2017

Which Player Ended His Career and the 1962 Season with a 2-Run Walk-Off Home Run?

(If you like a little trivia with your baseball cards, check out the rest of this series here.) A. Don Gile, on September 30, 1962 Nicknamed “Bear,” Gile signed with the Boston Red Sox as an amateur free agent in 1955 after a collegiate career at the University of Arizona. It took him nearly five years to make it the Major Leagues, finally debuting on September 25, 1959. Over the next three years, Gile appeared in 31 games split between first base and catcher. For his career, Gile hit .150 with three home runs in 120 at-bats. Before that final day of...

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12 Mangled Baseball Card Backs, Brought to You by Google Translate

(Like some cardboard with your #FridayFeeling? Read the whole series of related posts here.) If you grew up in the early 1990s or before and are reading this right now, there is a pretty good chance you spent many hours devouring the backs of your baseball cards. They were great for learning about statistics and sharpening your math skills, finding out more about your favorite players and discovering new favorites, and drinking in the flavor of the game through cleverly worded gems such as, “The 19-year-old right handed curve-baller is just 18 years old.”  (See Topps, 1964, Dave Bennett rookie...

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Remembering Todd Frohwirth and His Sidearming Baseball Cards

(Check out our entire series of player-focused posts here.) Like so many other players of the 1980s, Todd Frohwirth was born into my life in an avalanche of baseball cards, in his case during the last couple years of the decade. By the time I pulled my first Frohwirth card from a Topps wax pack in the spring on 1988, his Philadelphia Phillies were just a shell of the powerhouse that had awaited me when I dived into the game with my full being around 1983. Back then, the Phillies were the “Wheeze Kids”, marching to a National League...

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How to Get No-Hatted by Topps — Updated for 1968 by Jim Bunning

Have you ever wanted to have one of those spiffy vintage Topps baseball cards — the ones where Topps has no idea what to d0 — of you? In other words, have ever wanted to be no-hatted? Well, if so, you’re in luck! All you have to do is follow the simple recipe laid out by Jim Bunning in 1967. Ready to get started? Here we go … The Jim Bunning Method First, put together a stellar high school career and then sign a free agent contract with the Detroit Tigers. But don’t  go right to the Majors! Instead, enroll...

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How Dickie Noles Didn’t Help the 1987 Detroit Tigers and Didn’t Get Any Baseball Card Love for It

In late September of 1987, the Detroit Tigers were in a bloodsport battle with the Toronto Blue Jays for the American Leagues East crown. And, with the top teams in the AL West bouncing around .500 as the season entered its final two weeks, it looked like whoever won the East would be able to waltz into the World Series. So, with 13 games left to play in the season — including seven against the Jays — and trailing by a half game, Tigers General Manager Bill Lajoie went to work. His mission? Find some way to bolster his...

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