Month: September 2017

The Unlikely and (Sorta) Synchronous MLB Debuts of Ted Cox and Orlando Mercado

Usually, we think of designated hitters as lumbering old men who can’t play effectively in the field anymore. Or maybe they’re all-around superstars who need an occasional night off without really being off — you know, to keep their bat in the lineup. Very occasionally, a younger player will build a career around the DH slot because his bat is just too potent to keep on the farm (or the bench) or trade away, but it’s too dangerous for the team’s pitchers to have him take the field on a regular basis. And then there are the flukes, the...

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How Topps Helped Fred Breining Best Sandy Koufax in 1985

I don’t know much about Fred Breining other than what Baseball Reference has to say about him … He was selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 1974 MLB January Draft from the College of San Mateo. He spent the next five seasons working his way through the Pirates’ minor league system until they traded him on June 28, 1979, “with Al Holland and Ed Whitson to the San Francisco Giants for Bill Madlock, Lenny Randle and Dave Roberts.” He made his Major League debut for the Giants on September 24, 1980, when he was 24. Over the next...

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11 Topps Future Stars Baseball Cards … that Were Too Late!

In 1960, Topps debuted their All-Star Rookie team that celebrated the best first-year players from the season before. In the decades since then, T.C.G. hasn’t been shy about doling out cardboard honors for the players they deem as the future stars of baseball. During most of those years, though, there was a hedge. These players were All-Star Rookies, or Dodgers Prospects, or Rookie Stars. Each of those monikers connotes either that the player in question starred as a rookie — but won’t necessarily develop further — or that he has the prospect of developing into something big. But starting...

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Greatest World Series Thrillers [Vintage Baseball Book Review]

[This article contains affiliate links to Amazon and AbeBooks.] One of the reasons that baseball cards held such appeal for boys in earlier days of the hobby was that they gave us an insight into the game we loved that we couldn’t get anywhere else. In the 1980s and before, after all, we were lucky to see one or two games a week on television during the season. If we were fortunate enough to have access to newspapers, we’d get box scores and maybe a few articles a week about specific games, but finding wide swaths of baseball-related information...

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1933 Goudey Checklist

Leave your email address below to get instant access to the handy clickable checklist for tracking your 1933 Goudey set. Give Me the Checklist! Thank you for reading Wax Pack Gods. Click here to download your free Google Sheets version of the 1933 Goudey Checklist. 1 Benny Bengough 2 Dazzy Vance 3 Hughie Critz 4 Heinie Schuble 5 Babe Herman 6 Jimmie Dykes Error 6 Jimmie Dykes Corrected 7 Ted Lyons 8 Roy Johnson 9 Dave Harris 10 Glenn Myatt 11 Billy Rogell 12 George Pipgras 13 Lafayette Thompson 14 Henry Johnson 15 Vic Sorrell 16 George Blaeholder 17...

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