Month: October 2017

Texas Rangers: Ultimate Guide to the Biggest Team in Baseball

(Check out our other posts related to the Texas Rangers here and check back here for more of our ultimate team guides.) As Major League Baseball teams go, the Texas Rangers got a late start in life and came at it from an oblique angle. When the Washington Senators moved to Minnesota (to become the Twins) before the 1961 season, Major League Baseball acted swiftly to accelerate their expansion plans. In particular, they spun up both the Los Angeles Angels and a new team in the nation’s capital … the new Senators. When the owner (and general manager) of...

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8 Ugly Baseball Cards You Can Buy Right Now

(Like some cardboard with your #FridayFeeling? Read the whole series of related posts here.) Driving through town this morning, I caught sight of an older gentleman waiting to cross the street, and something about him struck me. It was his ears. And his nose. The former jutted from the sides of his head and climbed over the sides of his John Deere baseball cap. The latter was the most prominent feature of a weathered face that probably looked older than it was. And all I could think of as he faded from view was, “I wonder what Don Mossi is...

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From the Corner Store to Twitter, with Love: David Gourlay’s Collecting Story

(Read all of our collector stories here. Want to share your own story? Let me know!) It’s the idealized picture of the hobby that so many of us hold of dear, a picture we hope to recapture every time we pick up a rectangle of cardboard … A preteen boy hops on his bike and rides down to the corner store to plunk down whatever change he could scrape together for a pack or two of baseball cards. He rips open the wax wrappers right there in parking lot, one knee propped on his bike, and jams the sharp...

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High Five: How the 1978 Topps Glenn Burke Rookie Card Lied to Us

There is nothing about the 1978 Topps Glenn Burke rookie card that would make you think its subject was capable of creating a cultural phenomenon. But it does stand out. That 1978 set is full of odd or just bad images — a giant, scowling Mike Schmidt head; Rick Monday scratching his face; Greg Minton and Mike Paxton painted onto the fronts of their cards; Dave Kingman sticking his face through one of those “You Can Be a Cub!” photo props. It was against this backdrop that I first encountered the Burke card. It was probably 1984 or 1985, and...

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Charlie Hough Was a True Diamond King in 1987

(If you like a little trivia with your baseball cards, check out the rest of this series here.) If you were to list out the top pitchers of the 1980s, chances are Charlie Hough wouldn’t even cross your mind. And if you were to stack up all of the pitching records that you consider to be unbreakable, nothing that Charlie Hough did on a Major League mound would make it to within 60 feet and six inches of your short list. But if you wanted to build a staff of underrated hurlers from the pre-steroid era who pitched in your lifetime (probably) and who...

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