Month: November 2017

Chuck Baker and His 1982 Fleer Stampede

(Check out our other player card posts here.) Have you ever found yourself in the uncomfortable position of being stuck in front of a movement that you know you can’t keep pace with? Maybe a funny new kid moved into your high school and rendered your class-clown status a joke. Maybe you’ve been schooling your son on the basketball court for 15 years but have noticed recently how big and muscular he’s becoming (hypothetically. Or, maybe the pace of new baseball card issues left you in the dust in the 1990s when you still thought of yourself as an...

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101 Signs You Might Be a Hopeless Old-School Baseball Card Collector

(Like some cardboard with your #FridayFeeling? Read the whole series of related posts¬†here.) There has been a resurgence of the baseball card hobby in recent years, and the evidence is all around us in the form of hobby blogs, Twitter chatter, and a growing smattering of local card shows. And, if you’ve hung around these (gummy) dusty corners of the web much, you may have noticed that a lot of us who are embracing the hobby with new vigor are the same ones who helped the thing boom in the first place more than 30 years ago. So, are...

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The 11-Part Mystery of Al Cowens

(Check out our other player card posts here.) There exists in the annals of Major League baseball a special breed of player that seems to have been bestowed upon this earth for the sole purpose of tantalizing fans. He is the man imbued with copious physical talents … He makes it to the Major Leagues at a relatively young age … He shows some early promise … After a few years of mediocrity — or sometimes right away — he has that breakout season that establishes a new floor and sets him up for big things to come …...

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The Mystery of Bruce Look and His 1969 Topps Baseball Card

(Check out our other player card posts here.) Have you ever heard of Bruce Look? Chances are you haven’t unless you were a diehard fan of the Minnesota Twins in the 1960s or collected the 1969¬†Topps set like it was going out of style. You know, with enough doubles of every player to field his own team. I hadn’t heard of Look, either, until I was poking around the cardboard web looking for some interesting things to pin recently. That’s when I stumbled across this friendly looking guy:   This card is pretty interesting (to me) for a few...

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Whatever Happened to Larry Biittner’s Game Show Career?

(Check out our other player card posts here.) One of the biggest local(ish) celebrities in central Indiana during the 1980s was a guy named Bob Braun. He was a talk show host based out of Cincinnati, and his The Bob Braun Show ran from 1967 through 1984, when he moved west young man (at age 55) to make his fortune in California. Specifically, as a pitchman for Craftmatic Adjustable Beds. Although he was born in Kentucky and made his name in the Queen City, most of us in central Indiana considered Bob Braun one of us. After all, we...

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