Month: November 2017

35 Facts Baseball Card Collectors Need to Know About the Montreal Expos

(Check out our other posts related to the Montreal Expos here and check back here for more of our ultimate team guides.) In 1969, the Montreal Expos became the first Major League Baseball team ever to be based outside the United States. As one of four expansion teams that summer — the San Diego Padres, Seattle Pilots, and Kansas City Royals were the others — the Expos gave fans everywhere a front-row seat for what it took to build a championship team. Uh … er … well … That is, they gave fans a look at what it was like...

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20 Things Jon Matlack Might Be Saying on His 1982 Topps Baseball Card

(Check out our other player card posts here.) Jon Matlack was a fine Major League Baseball pitcher. Much better than fine, really, as he won the 1972 National League Rookie of the Year award, finished sixth in the 1976 NL Cy Young Award balloting, and made three All-Star teams. He finished with nearly 40 WAR, which makes him something like the 163rd best starting pitcher ever. Not too shabby, but … somehow, it’s not quite what we thought it might be. I mean, Matlack was part of the ballyhooed group of young New York Mets hurlers that led the...

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The Abomination That Is the 1973 Topps Steve Dunning Baseball Card

(Check out our other player card posts here.) Life must have been pretty exciting for Steve Dunning in the spring and summer of 1970. He had just wrapped up his college baseball career with a stunning (sDunning?) season in which he went 13-2 with a 1.83 ERA and 144 strikeouts in 108 innings. That was enough to convince the Cleveland Indians to select Dunning with their first pick — 2nd overall — in that year’s draft. And then, the Tribe decided they liked Dunning so much that they stuck him right onto the Major League roster without his having...

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Chuck Baker and His 1982 Fleer Stampede

(Check out our other player card posts here.) Have you ever found yourself in the uncomfortable position of being stuck in front of a movement that you know you can’t keep pace with? Maybe a funny new kid moved into your high school and rendered your class-clown status a joke. Maybe you’ve been schooling your son on the basketball court for 15 years but have noticed recently how big and muscular he’s becoming (hypothetically. Or, maybe the pace of new baseball card issues left you in the dust in the 1990s when you still thought of yourself as an...

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101 Signs You Might Be a Hopeless Old-School Baseball Card Collector

(Like some cardboard with your #FridayFeeling? Read the whole series of related posts here.) There has been a resurgence of the baseball card hobby in recent years, and the evidence is all around us in the form of hobby blogs, Twitter chatter, and a growing smattering of local card shows. And, if you’ve hung around these (gummy) dusty corners of the web much, you may have noticed that a lot of us who are embracing the hobby with new vigor are the same ones who helped the thing boom in the first place more than 30 years ago. So, are...

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