Month: November 2017

The Lies Told by the 1977 Topps Jim Umbarger Baseball Card

(Check out our other player card postsĀ here.) Take one look at the 1977 Topps Jim Umbarger card, and you know exactly who you’re dealing with. Here is a compact, intense hurler who will stare you down and emblazon a scar across your soul with with his fiery gaze and molten will. He’s down in the grass, scrapping for every competitive advantage and won’t let you get past him, no matter what weapons you bring to the plate. Crouching, mustachioed, guttural confrontation awaits if you dare challenge him. Except it’s all a lie. Or, at least it seems that way...

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Brian Allard and His Briefly Consequential Baseball (Card) Career

(Check out our other player card posts here.) If you were Brian Allard in the spring of 1980, life must have been pretty sweet. Consider … The Texas Rangers had selected you in the fourth round of the 1976 MLB amateur draft out of Henry Senachwine High School in Henry, Illinois, when you were just 18 years old. Over the next three years, the Rangers went from bouncing around the bottom of the AL West to competing for the division title each year. At the same time, you — Brian Allard — steadily climbed the Texas minor league ladder....

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A Tale of Two Doc Medich Baseball Cards … in One!

(Check out our other player card posts here.) Every baseball card tells at least one story, and the cardboard tales vary in import and length as widely as the tomes on the shelves of your local library. Take the 1976 Topps Traded George “Doc” Medich card, for instance. A quick look reveals a gaudy swath of cardboard with a cheesy headline. But look deeper, and you’ll find that this card really is a Dickensian masterpiece, a cardboard version of the Tale of Two Cities. The Best of Times … For the second time in the three years since they...

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