Month: December 2017

They Think He’s Cute! How Topps Fell in Love with a Photo of (Don) Rudolph

(Check out our other player card posts here.) Ah … Christmas! The time of year when Don Rudolph blazes through the night sky at the front of Santa’s team and … Sorry, getting ahead of myself. It’s just the excitement of the season and all the trappings thereof, I suppose. See, there is a scene in the Christmas classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer that we play over and over at our house. Rudolph has gathered with the other young reindeer for training, and he’s got his nose covered with a ball of mud so that he can fit in with...

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Christmas Cards: How Holly & Ivie (Jeff & Mike) Spruced Up 1979 Topps Baseball Cards

(Check out our other player card posts here.) The Holly By Christmas of 1979, Jeff Holly was done with baseball, even if he or the Detroit Tigers didn’t know it at the time. And, even if collectors thought he was just beginning. See, there were some chapters to his story … The Chicago White Sox had drafted the left-handed pitcher out of high school in the 17th round of the 1971 June draft, and then he spent five years clawing his way up to Double-A. But after a 10-12 record with the Knoxville Sox in 1974, Holly’s ERA ballooned...

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Mike Garman’s 1979 Topps Baseball Card Points the Way to His Long-Lost Father

(Check out our other player card posts here.) The beauty of old baseball cards is that they reveal something new every time you look at them, no matter how many times you look at them. Take the 1979 Topps Mike Garman card, for example.   Mike Garman” width=”500″ height=”702″ />   I’ve probably come across this particular hunk of cardboard a couple dozen times over my 35-year collecting journey, but I had long ago relegated it to *meh* status because …  1) Mike Garman didn’t make it out of the 1970s (baseball-wise) and 2) Mike Garmand sports a 22-27...

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Collectors’ Vote: Which Players Would You Include on Your 2018 Hall of Fame Ballot?

The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, NY, recently released its official ballot to BBWAA writers voting for the HOF Class of 2018. This year’s crop of candidates includes big-name holdovers like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Edgar Martinez, as well as first-year appearances by fan favorites like Chipper Jones, Jim Thome, and Jamie Moyer. While the writers will let the world know about their “official” choices on January 24, 2018, that doesn’t mean we have to wait until then to have some Hall of Fame fun. In particular, we thought it would be interesting to get...

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Hot Dog! Ed Glynn Baseball Cards Get New Life

(Check out our other player card posts here.) I take back everything I thought about Ed Glynn. The first time I encountered the big southpaw, he was peering out at me from inside a teal(ish) wax wrapper on his 1983 Donruss card. Here is what that looked like, sans wrapper:     No hat, long hair, scraggly mustache, squinty eyes that didn’t inspire trust … he looked a lot some of the high school boys who always gave me trouble on the bus. And to top it all off, he was a member of the Cleveland Indians, who had...

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