Month: January 2018

Tony Taylor Wants to Show You How He Pounded Out 2000 Hits

(Check out our other player card posts here.) The 1970 Topps Tony Taylor baseball card is not shooting straight with you. Not completely. And not right up front. Now, don’t get me wrong … It’s a gorgeous card, a tremendous card. In fact, when you first stumble across this card, it might take your breath away, for just a beat. Hailing from an era when hatless coifs, bad airbrush jobs, silly poses, and dingy photos abound, this beauty sticks out like John Kruk “in” the batting box against Randy Johnson. Taylor stands in front of a bright bank of...

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Mike Boddicker and His Baseball Cards Are Suspicious of You

(Check out our other player card posts here.) Mike Boddicker is the type of guy who will sneak up on you. First, he’ll unleash that slushy fosh pitch of his. You’ll think it’s a fastball or at least a splitter, but then it just kind of moseys up to the plate while you swing away. Then, maybe he’ll turn to the slurve or some other off-speed offering. You know it’s coming, but you still swing like it’s a heater. Problem is, Mike Boddicker doesn’t have a heater. And so, you look foolish again. Just ask the late Tony Phillips (in...

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