Author: Adam Hughes

For the Love of the Game — A Collector’s Story

Can you imagine tearing into a pristine wax pack of 1972 Topps baseball cards and pulling a vintage card of Hammerin’ Hank Aaron? Talk about a hobby dream come true. But for Doug, a long-time collector from Grand Rapids, MI, it’s no dream — it actually happened! That’s just one of the many awesome memories Doug has built during nearly four decades of collecting, and he was gracious enough to share his collector’s story with us. Enjoy the golden memories … — How long have you been collecting? 37 years. Since I was 7. How did you get started collecting?...

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Yogisms and Baseball Cards – Complete Visual Guide to the Great Yogi Berra

Of all the larger-than-life characters and out-of-this-world talents that have graced Major League Baseball over the last 150 years, few men have made a larger combined impact on the game than the great Yogi Berra. And, Yogi Berra baseball cards are prized by collectors of all ages. Not only was Yogi one of the greatest catchers ever to play the game — perhaps the greatest when he retired in 1965 — he was also an accomplished manager and supplier of some of the most recognizable baseball quotes of all time. A master of the malapropism, Yogi could butcher any...

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