Author: Adam Hughes

This Robin Yount Baseball Card Proves He Was Sweeter than George Brett

(Check out our other player card posts here.) If you grew up in the 1990s, you might be under the impression that Robin Yount and George Brett matched each other blow-for-blow during their 20-year careers. And you wouldn’t be wrong, exactly. After all, both men were rookies during the 1974 season, though Brett also got a cup of coffee¬†in 1973. Both suited up for only one Major League team — Milwaukee Brewers for Yount and Kansas City Royals for Brett. Each man was considered the best player in his league at least once — Brett won the American League...

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Black Death: The New England Patriots’ First Super Bowl as Told Through 1985 Topps Football Cards

(Check out our other football card posts here.) These days, it takes a football anomaly of Biblical proportions to keep the New England Patriots out of the Super Bowl. As of February 2018, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and various moving parts have landed in the Big Game eight times in the span of 16 years (17 seasons), and New England has made a whopping 10 Super Bowl appearances overall. Whether you love or hate the current regime, it’s hard to deny they’ve had an absolutely amazing run. But it hasn’t always been this way. For most of the 1970s...

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How the 1986 Fleer All Star Team (the WHAT?) Changed Baseball Cards Forever

(Check out our other posts about oddball baseball cards here.) Any time old-school baseball card collectors gather, online or in real life — IRL, as the kids say (maybe) —¬† it doesn’t take long until one of us decries the current state of the hobby … The cards now are all glossy and glitzy, and I don’t understand them. There are too many cards to keep track of. There aren’t enough choices anymore. I wish cards were still mushy and brown like they were before Fleer came along Our bemoanings might go on for hours, and many of us...

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Was Ross Baumgarten the Happiest Man on a Baseball Card?

(Check out our other player card posts here.) How would you feel if Topps came to you and told you they were going to feature you on your very own baseball card. Pretty awesome, right? Giddy, even? Like Gus Bell in 1960? Yeah, me, too. And we’re not alone. Count former Major Leaguer Ross Baumgarten among the “happy to be here” crowd, where “here” is nationally distributed cardboard. Oh, it wasn’t always this way for the Chicago White Sox‘s 20th-round selection in the 1977 amateur draft. In fact, when Baumgarten made his cardboard debut the next summer while pitching...

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Cardboard Proof that Wayne Cage Has Something on Topps

(Check out our other player card posts here.) Every once in awhile, you run into an odd situation that makes you sure someone is wielding dark secrets against someone else in order to gain an advantage. Take Keanu Reeves’ success as an “actor” as an example. Or the popularity of the Teletubbies. Or, for goodness sake, that time Julia Roberts married Lyle Lovett. Closer to home, in our little cardboard world, you need look no further than the curious case of Wayne Cage to know that there were once clandestine forces guiding our fortunes. Here, in case you’ve forgotten...

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