Author: Adam Hughes

10 Great Baseball Card Stories from Unexpected Sources

The blogosphere is bursting at the seams with great baseball card material these days. If you don’t believe me, take a look at our own list of more than 450 websites devoted to the hobby in some way or another … and I’m sure we’ve missed some good ones (let me know if we missed yours). But, even though the hobby gets so much solid coverage from within our own ranks, there are some really great articles about our little world being produced by “outsiders.” And it’s been going on for decades. Check out this interview with longtime dealer Jim...

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1968 Kahn’s Johnny Bench Helped Collectors Slash Out of Topps’ Burlap Bag

(This is Day 9 of our series on the “Best Card From” each year, 1960-1989. Read all the entries here.) Quick … Who is the greatest catcher of all time? If you’re like seven out 10 dentists in the greater Cincinnati area, you just said, “Johnny Bench.” (One of the other three prefers Gary Carter, one is Carlton Fisk‘s uncle, and one refuses to answer on the grounds that he thinks baseball is bad for your teeth). It’s OK if you didn’t answer that way — we’re all wrong sometimes — but be forewarned that this post is about Johnny...

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10 MORE Goofy Baseball Cards that Make Every Day Feel Like Friday

When we were kids, after we got through the initial stages of awe, we thought baseball cards were going to be big, serious business. And sometimes, baseball cards are serious business. But other times, like on a Friday afternoon … well, you just want to have a little fun. And what better way to have fun than with some silly old baseball cards? Here are 10 goofy pasteboards that can make every day feel like Friday after work if you’ll only let yourself go a little. Nothing says 'Friday' like a stack of ridiculous #BaseballCards! #FridayFeeling Click To Tweet...

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Sabermetrics and Cardboard: Which Baseball Card Was the First to Feature OPS?

Like most serious collectors who grew up in 1980s or before, I also developed a serious love of statistics alongside my fervor for baseball cards. While I have never delved deep into the development of new stats or even claim to understand all of the advanced metrics available these days, I am a big believer in the value of composite player “scores” like WAR and ERA+ One of the very first attempts to move beyond rudimentary counting stats and summarize a player’s value in one simple number was OPS, or On-Base Percentage Plus Slugging Percentage. It’s a stat that I first...

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Why the 1967 Topps Dave Ricketts Card Gives Us All Hope

(This is Day 8 of our series on the “Best Card From” each year, 1960-1989. Read all the entries here.) C’mon, admit it — you still think you have an outside chance of making it onto a Major League roster someday, don’t you? I mean, there are plenty of bad teams out there, and injuries and call-ups make late-season rosters unrecognizable anyway. Who’s to say you couldn’t get yourself back into shape and walk on for, say, the Cincinnati Reds one of these years as they’re closing in on 100 losses? It’s OK to give into this fantasy. You’re not...

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