One Card Only: Sadness

That’s what Joe Hoerner feels when he looks into the crystal ball, and realizes Jay Johnstone will win the hat war several years later with his choice.

Extra Ernies II

In addition to 2017 Ginter, Mr. Cub has made an appearance in Topps Museum. That’s 1969 Ernie taking a swing at Wrigley Field. There were parallels and I’ve picked up two of them.. …the blue (/150) and copper. There are also purple, red and green parallels. The purple and red are possibilities, the green is 1/1 and not on my radar. Between Ginter and Museum, I may end up with eight or nine new E

Steve Foster, Career Ender – 14

Steve Foster ‘s shoulder got to the point in 1993 where he needed surgery. He saw it as simply a culmination of all the work he’d put in, not necessarily his work early that year, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer . “It’s not a question

1977 Topps Football Is An Affordable Set To Complete

Steve Largent is the key rookie card in the 1977 Topps football set but collectors can put together this set cheaply and in relatively high grade.

Preparing for a world of pain

Night Owl Cards / by night owl / 16h

A few weeks ago, Robert from $30 a Week Habit sent me an email asking me if I was still planning to build the 1967 Topps set. I sent him a return email that said I am planning to do nothing of the sort. I am not insane. Please find whoever told