Over the last couple of Fridays, we’ve looked at some of the more outrageous baseball card lots available on eBay.

These things will make your head spin in one way or another, either through the sheer volume of cards involved, the mindblowing awesomeness of the lots, or the sticker shock when you see the asking prices.

However they reel you in, one thing is certain — these cards will make you want to own them!

Here are the droolworthy lots for June 1, 2018.

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Enough Milwaukee Brewers Cards to Make Bud Selig Look Exasperated (again)

Milwaukee Brewers Team Sets

How much of a homer are you?

Or, in hobby parlance, how many baseball cards of your favorite team do you have? Is it 10,000? 25,000? 100,000?

Or maybe it’s more than 350,000?

Well, if not, and you’re a fan of the Milwaukee Brewers, this lot can put you over the top with hundreds of thousands of Brew Crew cards from 1981 through 1994. According to the seller, they’re already mostly arranged into team sets, too.

So, you know, you could even fake it and just use this lot to become an instant Brewers superfan. Who wouldn’t want that?

Here is the eBay listing (affiliate link).

1960 Topps Baseball Complete Set

1960 Topps Baseball Complete Set

Not much to see here, really.

Just a Carl Yastrzemski rookie card.

And a Willie McCovey rookie card.

And beautiful cards of Roger Maris and Hank Aaron and Willie Mays and Harmon Killebrew and scads of other Hall of Famers. They’re all here, as is every other card in the 1960 Topps base set.

Now, these cards aren’t pristine or GEM. Heck, they’re not even graded.

But, man, just look through those pictures and you can imagine some kid — maybe your dad — putting this set together card by card, stopping to love each one just a little. Or a lot.

It probably didn’t happen that way. But it just might have.

Here is the eBay listing (affiliate link).

1969 Nabisco Team Flakes Willie Mays PSA 10 GEM MT

1969 Nabisco Team Flakes Willie Mays

In 1969, Nabisco added a treat to the four-grain cereal they called Team Flakes — a box back full of baseball mini-posters. In truth, each “poster” stood about two inches high and had dashed borders to aid in cutting them apart from their box-bred brethren.

And, as with most food issues of this ilk, card backs were actually the inside of the cereal box and, thus, blank.

But the 1969 Nabisco Team Flakes baseball card set is jammed full of Hall of Famers, and it’s pretty hard to find any of the cards at all.

And if you want, say, a perfect PSA 10 copy of Willie Mays?

Well, PSA has graded 44 copies of the Mays card, and just one of them has made the GEM grade.

Guess which one that is …

Here is the eBay listing (affiliate link).

1973 Topps Mike Schmidt Rookie Card PSA 8.5 NM-MT+

1973 Topps Mike Schmidt Rookie Card

There is at least one smarty pants out there reading this who is just frothing at the mouth at the thought of pointing out that this card is also the Ron Cey rookie card.

It is not — Cey appeared on one of these multi-dude things in 1972.

And there is another smarty, or maybe the same one, who wants to point out that this is also the Dave Hilton rookie card.


And besides, John went by Dave for most of his short career, so it’s really hard to even look him up on Baseball Reference. (I did that for you, there in that John Hilton link above).

All niceties dispensed, this is the Mike Schmidt rookie card. And Mike Schmidt was about as fine a player as you’ll ever find. Right there in the same class as my Reds’ own Dan Driessen and Cesar Cedeno.

There is nothing extraordinary about this particular copy of the Schmidt rookie other than it’s in really good condition and it will cost a lot to own.

Here is the eBay listing (affiliate link).

1981 Donruss Baseball Unopened Wax Case

1981 Donruss Baseball Unopened Wax Case

Here we have a box of Bibles that have been chopped up into little 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ rectangles and disguised as baseball cards.

At least that’s always been my theory for how Donruss came up with the cardstock for their inaugural baseball set in 1981. They must have used pages from a carton of Bibles, so thin and flimsy are the cards.

And the volumes of text on card backs are reminiscent of the tiny type in The Good Book, too.

And the photos … and the errors … and the no-Fernando Valenzuela.

If the 1981 Donruss set didn’t have actual Biblical connections, perhaps it could have at least used some prayers.

But you know what?

This hunk of a mess of a set is part of hobby history, and this eBay lot gives you a shot at 20 full boxes. At 36 packs per box and 18 cards per pack, you’re looking at 12,960 swatches of ugly, terrible, junky … yet still spectacular collectible legacy.

And 720 pieces of vintage gum.


Here is the eBay listing (affiliate link).

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