Author: Adam Hughes

How to Stay Forever (Dmitri) Young with 2001 Fleer Platinum

By the early 2000s, baseball cards were about the last thing on my mind.

I had finished grad school a couple years earlier, moved out of state, and was firmly entrenched in career- and family-building mold.

I occasionally bought a copy of Beckett or thumbed through a stack of cards, but mostly my collection was just an albatross that I lugged through move after move.

It stayed that way for at least 10 years, so this installment of the 30-Day Baseball Card Challenge is particularly, well, challenging.

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1960 Topps Carl Yastrzemski Rookie Card: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

With due apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Edgar Martinez, I know who the real ancient mariner is — it’s legendary Boston Red Sox outfielder Carl Yastrzemski.

By the time I started collecting baseball cards in earnest in 1983, Yaz was in his final season with the Sawx, which was totally amazing considering that he was 71 years old at the time. So it wasn’t surprising that he was all over the place that summer, from This Week in 1960 Topps Carl YastrzemskiBaseball to Baseball Cards Magazine to an intriguing 1983 Topps Super Veteran card.

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