Dan Quisenberry was one of the greatest relief pitchers of the 1980s, and he helped revolutionize the role of the closer in baseball. Here is a rundown of facts you need to know about the legendary Kansas City Royals reliever.

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Who was Dan Quisenberry?

Dan Quisenberry was a professional baseball player and one of the great relief pitchers in the Major League history.

When was Dan Quisenberry born?

Dan Quisenberry was born on February 7, 1953.

Where was Dan Quisenberry born?

Quisenberry was born in Santa Monica, California.

What was Dan Quisenberry’s full name?

Quisenberry’s full name was Daniel Raymond Quisenberry.

What teams did Dan Quisenberry play for?

Quisenberry played for the Kansas City Royals, St. Louis Cardinals, and San Francisco.

What was Dan Quisenberry’s playing position?

Quisenberry was a relief pitcher.

How tall was Dan Quisenberry?

Dan Quisenberry was 6 feet 2 inches tall.

How much did Dan Quisenberry weigh?

Quisenberry weighed 170 pounds during his playing career.

What was Dan Quisenberry’s nickname?

Quisenberry’s nickname was “Quiz.”

What was Dan Quisenberry’s batting and throwing hand?

Quisenberry was a right-handed pitcher.

When did Dan Quisenberry start his professional career?

Quisenberry started his professional career in 1975.

Which team did Dan Quisenberry play for in the minor leagues?

Quisenberry played for the Waterloo Royals, among other teams, in the minor leagues.

When did Dan Quisenberry make his Major League debut?

Quisenberry made his Major League debut on July 8, 1979.

What was Dan Quisenberry’s career ERA?

Quisenberry’s career ERA was 2.76.

How many saves did Dan Quisenberry have in his career?

Quisenberry had 244 saves in his career.

How many All-Star games did Dan Quisenberry play in?

Quisenberry played in three All-Star games.

What was Dan Quisenberry’s best season?

Quisenberry’s best season was arguably 1983, where he had 45 saves and a 1.94 ERA.

Did Dan Quisenberry ever win a World Series championship?

Yes, Quisenberry won the World Series with the Kansas City Royals in 1985.

Did Dan Quisenberry win any individual awards?

Yes, Quisenberry won the Rolaids Relief Man Award five times in his career.

What was Dan Quisenberry’s signature pitch?

Quisenberry’s signature pitch was the sinker, delivered with his submariner motion.

What was Dan Quisenberry’s strikeout to walk ratio?

His strikeout to walk ratio was 3.34.

Did Dan Quisenberry ever lead the league in saves?

Yes, Quisenberry led the league in saves five times.

How many seasons did Dan Quisenberry play in the Major Leagues?

Quisenberry played in the Major Leagues for 12 seasons.

Did Dan Quisenberry ever pitch in the postseason?

Yes, Quisenberry pitched in six postseason series across four years (1980, 1981, 1984, 1985).

Did Dan Quisenberry have any notable performances in the postseason?

Yes, Quisenberry pitched 4.1 innings in the 1985 World Series while allowing a single earned run.

Did Dan Quisenberry ever start a game in the Major Leagues?

No, Quisenbery never started a game in the majors.

How many complete games did Dan Quisenberry have in his career?

Quinsenberry never completed a game in the majors during his career.

What was Dan Quisenberry’s win-loss record?

Quisenberry’s win-loss record was 56-46.

Did Dan Quisenberry have any other nicknames?

Yes, Quisenberry was also known as “Q.”

How many innings did Dan Quisenberry pitch in his career?

Quisenberry pitched 1,043.1 innings in his career.

Did Dan Quisenberry have any injuries that affected his career?

Yes, Quisenberry had a torn rotator cuff in 1990 that limited his effectiveness in his final season.

Was Dan Quisenberry ever inducted into the Hall of Fame?

No, Quisenberry has not been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Did he retire from baseball or did he pass away during his career?

Dan Quisenberry retired from baseball in 1990.

What did Dan Quisenberry do after his playing career?

Among other things, Quisenberry became a poet and published a book of poetry.

What was the title of Dan Quisenberry’s poetry book?

Quisenberry’s poetry book was titled “On Days Like This.”

Did Dan Quisenberry ever work in broadcasting after retiring from baseball?

No. Though Quisenberry was an occasional guest on Royals broadcasts, he was never a broadcaster after retiring from baseball.

Was Dan Quisenberry involved in any charitable work?

Yes, in 1984, Quisenberry and his wife Janie establishe the Quisenberry Relief Fund to benefit the Harvesters Food Bank, a Kansas City organization established in 1979 to combat hunger.

Did Dan Quisenberry have any children?

Did Dan Quisenberry have any children?

Did any of Dan Quisenberry’s children become professional athletes?

No, neither of Quisenberry’s children became professional athletes.

What was Dan Quisenberry’s college education?

Quisenberry attended Orange Coast College and the University of La Verne in California.

Was Dan Quisenberry drafted by a Major League team?

No. The Kansas City Royals signed Quisenberry as an amateur free agent in June of 1975.

What was Dan Quisenberry’s salary at his peak?

Quisenberry’s peak salary was $2.515 millionin 1989.

Did Dan Quisenberry have any famous quotes?

Yes, one of Quisenberry’s famous quotes was “I found a delivery in my flaw.”

Did Dan Quisenberry ever pitch in an All-Star game in his home ballpark?

No, Quisenberry never pitched in an All-Star game at his home ballpark.

Was Dan Quisenberry ever a player-coach?

No, Quisenberry was never a player-coach.

Did Dan Quisenberry have any notable accomplishments outside of baseball?

Quisenberry became a poet and book author later in life. He also became known as a philanthropist through his Quisenberry Relief Fund.

Did Dan Quisenberry ever write any books?

Yes, Quisenberry wrote a book of poems titled On Days Like This.

What was Dan Quisenberry’s cause of death?

Quisenberry passed away from brain cancer on September 30, 1998.

When did Dan Quisenberry die?

Dan Quisenberry died on September 30, 1998.

How old was Dan Quisenberry when he passed away?

Quisenberry was 45 years old when he died in 1998

How is Dan Quisenberry remembered by baseball fans?

Dan Quisenberry is remembered as one of the greatest relief pitchers in baseball history, with a unique sidearm (even submarine) delivery and outstanding control of his sinker pitch.

(Statistics referenced from baseball-reference.com; biographical information culled from Wikipedia.)

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