I know what you’re thinking about Joe Lis

Why do we need to see the baseball cards of a player who collected less than 200 hits in an eight-year big league career?

Because, Skippy, he spent eight years in MLB and collected nearly 200 hits, 32 of them home runs.

That’s a lot better than I did.

Plus, he ended up being a transplanted Hoosier.

Plus, plus, he’s just about the poster boy for terrible 1970s baseball cards.

Here, have a look for yourself …

1970 Topps Joe Lis (#56)

Yes, and Scott Reid, as “1970 ROOKIE STARS PHILLIES”.

1970 Topps Joe Lis and Scott Reid

1971 Topps Joe Lis (#138)

Yes, and Willie Montanez, as “1971 ROOKIE STARS PHILLIES” — at least they got “P”s this time!

1971 Topps Joe Lis and Willie Montanez

1974 Topps Joe Lis (#659)

Hey, only four years and some gaps to land a solo card!

1974 Topps Joe Lis

1975 Topps Joe Lis (#86)

You may think the airbrushing is bad here, but …

1977 Topps Joe Lis (#)

It was all building to this masterpiece …