“Are there any sports card shops near me anymore?”

You might have wondered about that from time to time before turning your attention back to your phone or laptop.

After all …

The online baseball card community is absolutely incredible … lots of great people sharing stories about the old days (or the new days) and helping each other find the cards they “need” to take that next step forward in their collections.

And, boy, you can find just about anything you want for sale online, often at prices you wouldn’t have dreamed of 30 years ago.

In many ways, the hobby is even better today than in its 1980s and 1990s heyday.

But sometimes, you just want to walk into a real store, talk to real people, and pick up real cards, right?

Yeah, me too.

Well … you’re in luck!

Whether you’re looking for baseball card shops in your city or planning a road trip and want to do some advance scouting, the resources below will help you ferret out any real-life cardboard in your path.

So … “are there any baseball card shops near me anymore?”

Let’s find out.

Google Search

It may seem odd and unexciting to see Google at the top of the list for finding local card shops, but we’re living in the information age.

I mean, you’re reading this very post online, right?

And 99 percent of the time, the card shops you’re looking for will have some online presence, even if that’s just a physical address that shows up in the Yellow Pages.

And that means that, also 99 percent of the time, you can find all the shops there are to be found just using Google. You don’t even have to try very hard, either.

Just go to Google and type in “baseball card shops.”

Most of the time, that will do the trick because Google already knows basically where you are thanks to your IP address. Creepy but useful.

So, if you’re near St. Louis, for example, your search will return a results page that looks something like this …

sports card shops near me st louis google search results

A nice map of card shops right at the top, with details below and the chance to see more details by clicking “More places.”

Underneath, you’ll find websites for some of the specific shops.

And, if you’re taking a trip out of town and want to locate shops there, all you have to do is add the city or state name to your search term: “baseball card shops st. louis.”

What could be simpler or more powerful than that?

Beckett Store Locator

Beckett, of course, is the long-time leader in baseball card price guides, and those guides are often offered for sale at various baseball card shops.

So it makes sense that Beckett would maintain a database of those stores.

Hence, their Store Locator, which you can access here.

Once there, pick your location and decide what kind of Beckett seller you want to find: newsstands only, card shops only, or both together. Here is what the St. Louis results for card shops only look like:

Beckett St louis baseball card shops

Yellow Pages

Yep, the Yellow Pages is still around after all these years, and at least the basic functionality of their website is free to use.

If you go to YellowPages.com and type “baseball cards” in the search box and “St. Louis” in the location box, you’ll get some results:

Yellow Pages St louis baseball card shops

Like Google, Yellow Pages can pick up on your location if you tell it to, and you can also filter the results by things like BBB ratings and available coupons.


Yelp is sort of like the Yellow Pages for a new age (except, of course, we still have the old Yellow Pages…kinda).

But Yelp excels at giving us merchant ratings and review from real people — in the case of baseball card shops, that means collectors like you and me.

Yep, Yelp lists card shops!

Just go to Yelp.com, enter your search, and reap your rewards:

yelp baseball card shops


What?? Topps is a card manufacturer (at least for a little while, and then for a good while longer, though under the Fanatics umbrella).

How in the heck can they help find sports card shops near me?

Well, it just so happens that Topps maintains a big list of physical card shops in the United States and Canada, and they’ve posted that list as a PDF on their website right here.

And, while it’s not clear how often that document is updated (if ever), a spot check of a few stores listed there shows they are still active and open for business as of late May 2022.

Curiously, while there are several Missouri entries in this doc, none specifically call out St. Louis in their address, so there is some question as to how complete this “Hobby Store List” really is. Still, it definitely give us a wide swath of potential stores to visit, and it’s definitely a handy travel companion for any collector when they’re on the road.

Card Shop Lists

In addition to the resources listed above, several websites maintain lists of card shops, each with a slightly different focus. Check these out to see if they meet your needs …

Beckett’s The List: Vintage Dealers to Know – what it says … dealers of vintage cards

Blowout Cards Forum’s Hobby Shop Locator – This is actually a forum thread where people list shops across the nation. Not sure how updated it is.

BaseballCardPedia’s Card Shop Locator – a static list of shops (not many) with longitude and latitude included (!)

Sports Collectors Digest Industry Resources Page – static links to a bunch of cool sites, including some high-profile dealers and retail stores

There you go…all sorts of resources to help you find out where your next card buy might come from, especially when you just have to make the purchase in person. Nothing really stands up to the experience of a visit to the local card shop, after all.

So …

Are there any sports card shops near me?

Maybe. Probably. And now, you can find out for sure!

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