For seventeen big league seasons, was a consummate flirt, always making eyes at 20 wins but never quite working up the nerve to seal the deal.

But that was in his first seventeen seasons.

In his eighteenth campaign, Moose pulled out all the stops and finally hit the target — his 20-9 record and 3.37 ERA for the New York Yankees were good for 5.1 WAR and a fifth place finish in the American League Cy Young vote.

He was 39 years old, sure, but Mussina was still pitching close to primetime levels, just like he had been doing since his days with the Baltimore Orioles.

He had plenty left in the tank.

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But then, in November 2008, Mussina broke the normal baseball player mold — he retired!

How many guys talk about going out on top but then hold on, just hoping against hope for one final flash of glory?

Plenty, I’d say. But not Moose.

He’d finally hit 20 wins, goshdarnit, and that was enough to put the cap on his Hall of Fame career.

See you later!

It was an unusual move by a star player, and maybe even a breach of baseball’s unwritten rules.

Then, perhaps inspired by Mussina’s boldness, Topps broke one of their own unwritten rules the next spring — they issued a career-capper card for the Cooperstown-bound righthander.

And this was no special celebration card, like Topps sometimes rolled out for guys like Hank Aaron (1974) and Pete Rose (1986). Nope, it was just a plain old 2009 Topps card, number 41, right there between Carl Crawford and Jeff Francoeur.

Which just goes to show that, sometimes, even quiet, solid, dependable — staid — dudes (and companies) can break a rule here and there if the mood strikes them and the circumstances call for it.

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