You could make an argument that the basketball lamp is the most important part your basketball man cave.

OK, sure, your  big-screen TV (affiliate link) may bicker with that assessment.

And, yes, you need your buds and your snacks.

And your basketball posters, and all the other baubles of the court.

But without lighting? Only the TV can hold its own in the dark all the time.

Here, then is a rundown of some great basketball lamps that will make your fan cave — or any room — shine like the hardwood itself.

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NeYoKnN NBA Team Rolled Basketball Lamp

This unusual lamp combines the traditional with the industrial by offering up your team’s logo and colors wrapped into a cyclinder as the lamp base, topped by an everyman lamp shade. It’s a combo you won’t find many other places, and it will bring a unique look to your room.

basketball lamp

NBA New Jersey Nets 40-Inch Tiffany Lamp

Perfect to hang over your pool table or … you know … if you’re starting a pizza parlor. No matter what space you need to light — and fill — up, this huge 40-inch hanging lamp brings a touch of Tiffany-style class to your lair while broadcasting team colors for all to see.

basketball lamp

Utah Jazz Tiffany Table Lamp

You can also take that Tiffany styling down a few feet, with this elegant yet flashy table lamp. Featuring the delicate metal trimmings you might expect to find in a Victorian parlor, this one also smacks you across the face with big, bold team colors.

basketball lamp

Basketball Chandelier

Is this the ultimate basketball lamp? The one to stop our list cold and send all the others home, like when you’re trying to get a pick-up game together at the park and a new kid shows up and … DUNKS THE BALL!?!?

Well, maybe.

At the very least, it’s hard to imagine anything cooler than this beauty hanging down from your fan cave ceiling.

Buy, hey — beauty is the in the eye of the beholder, so you should probably keep reading.

basketball lamp

3D Neon Basketball Night Light

The NBA may be the most electric of all professional sports leagues, and this modernistic basketball lamp fits the that theme with great aplomb. A levitating basketball that radiates neon all through darkness is the kind of night light any kid would kill for. And most fan cave denizens would at least consider some petty offenses.

Luckily, you can just buy this one.

basketball lamp

Basketball Bedside Night Light

Put this lamp in an otherwise dark room and light it up, and you’ll have instant hoops fire thanks to the vibratnt ball-in-net graphic against a black background on the extra tall shade. Great for bedside (as listed) or fan cave-side.

basketball lamp

Lamp-In-A-Box Basketball Table Lamp

This lamp, with its extra-tall base and balls-against-court shade, will throw off plenty of light and spruce up any space that needs a splash of hoops love. You could dot multiples of these around your fan cave and be done with your lighting task all in one fell swoop.

basketball lamp

ORE International 31604BA 15H Basketball Table Lamp

This lamp is all about the base, which features a huge sculpted basketball with a couple of sneakers strewn akimbo beneath it. While the tableau may immediately call to mind something from a kids room or nursery, this would be a fitting addition to any room where basketball fans roam.

basketball lamp

Fafeicy LED Basketball Study Table Lamp

This is the perfect desk lamp for any basketball fan who needs to shed a little light on their work — the basketball base will keep you anchored to reality while also inspiring your hoops dreams.

basketball lamp

Space Jam 2 Bugs Bunny Basketball Lamp

Everybody’s favorite cartoon bunny, hoops, super vibrant colors all in one bright little package? Yeah, this lamp is a winner and is sure to make hoops fans smile, no matter how old (or young) they may be.

basketball lamp

Creative Basketball Night Lamp

If you like your basketball lamp with a bit of radioactive flair, then this is the model for you! Yeah, this lamp shaped like an actual basketball and glowing like a hunk of actinium will light up your desk, or any corner of your man cave, while sparking all sorts of attention.

basketball lamp

UPJAKS Basketball Table Lamp

Another entry that gets downright literal with its interpretation of “basketball lamp,” this UPJAKS model features a light-up Spalding model on a silvery base. Very traditional in design, but still unusual and eye-catching in form and function.

basketball lamp

Personalized Wall-Hanging Basketball Lamp

This radiant light serves as both a wall covering and a basketball lamp. Showcasing a ball sinking into the net, this on is also customizable — your name (or whatever) goes across the rim, and you can even pick your color.

basketball lamp

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