If your heartbeat sounds like a dribble on hardwood, then it’s never too soon to build out your basketball man cave.

After all, when basketball is your thing, there’s nothing better than immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of the game as often as possible. And that can only really happen when your echo chamber is just a few steps away, in the basement, attic, spare bedroom, or corner of whatever space has been granted you.

But just how do you go about constructing your perfect b-ball refuge?

Well …

We’ve already laid out the basics you need to have in place to put together a fan cave of any stripe, and you can read all about that in our guide to building a sports man cave.

Once you’ve got the gist of the game, read on to find out the major components of building your own perfect basketball man cave.

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Basketball Posters

If posters hadn’t already existed (did they?) before James Naismith birthed basketball in 1891, the game may well have invented them. After all, this sport, maybe more than any other, is perfectly suited to plastering its stars on big sheets of paper and having fans plaster those sheets of paper on our walls in turn.

The NBA is a star-driven league, with small, recognizable rosters of guys who show their faces on the court, television, and the internet night after night. What better way to celebrate your team than by bringing these household mugs into your fan cave.

Basketball Lamp for that Basketball Man Cave Glow

Of course, you won’t be able to see those posters or anything else in your man cave if you don’t have some light. I mean, sure, the flicker of your big screen (affiliate link) will shed some illumination on the situation, but even that’s not enough to light up the dark recesses of your special room and make all your baubles shine.

Enter the basketball lamp, which will not only light up your hoops dreams but can also add some extra sport-specific flair if you choose wisley — there are plenty of models made with basketballs, nets, hardwood, and other staples of the game baked into the design.

Basketball Chair

Basketball may be the most grueling of the Big 3 American sports when it comes to continuous motion and cardiovascular demands, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay on your feet the whole time you’re in your basketball man cave. With the right run of basketball chairs, you and your guests can take a load off while also reveling in the festive ambience boost provided by any of several hoops-inspired designs.

Basketball Table

Sure would be nice to have someplace to lean your elbows while you’re sitting in your hoops chair, right?

Or set out your chips and salsa, or rest your cup of … Coke?

Yeah, it would.

That’s why your basketball man cave needs at least one table, and preferably multiple. And, as with the other items on this list, you will find several designs that amplify your burgeoning basketball motif and invite your pals to kick back and stay awile.

Basketball Banner – Basketball Man Cave Champs!

Every fan wants to see their team hang a banner from the rafters … or, more accurately, a Celtics-size run of banners.

But, while you may not be able to directly impact your favorite club’s ability to win championships, that doesn’t mean you can’t hang a few banners of your own … right in your basketball man cave.

The fun thing is that basketball banners come in all shapes and sizes, from long and skinny, to short and wide, to nearly-wall-sized, to pennants, and all sorts of other configurations. And when you need to cover some ground on the wall sof your cave, banners can go a long, long way.