It’s not easy to find unique Dallas Cowboys gifts.

After all, the franchise has been around for more than 60 years, and for most of that time, they’ve been — at least unofficially — America’s Team.

Over the course of those decades, the Cowboys have been immortalized in memorabilia, clothing, furniture, and just stuff more than probably any other professional sports team.

But all hope is not lost when it comes to finding something unusual for the ‘Boys fan on your shopping list.

Indeed, these (sorta) unique Dallas Cowboys gifts will at least give you plenty of ideas to work with, and some of them may hit your mark dead-on.

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FOCO NFL Team Logo Mancave Man Cave Hanging Wall Sign

This multi-slatted sign alternates the Cowboys colors and provides some pithy comments about your Cowboys man cave. Unique? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s an eye-catching bauble, nonetheless.

unique dallas cowboys gifts

Dallas Cowboys Golf Balls and Golf Tees

If you’re a Cowboys fan and a golfer, you really can’t afford to hit the links without these goodies. And, even if you’re not a golfer, these will still look pretty snazzy on the shelves in your man cave.

unique dallas cowboys gifts

Dallas Cowboys Park Bench

This one gets pretty close to unique — it’s pretty unusual, at the very least. After all, how many fans do you know with a Dallas Cowboys park bench in their man cave, or even in their backyard? You might set a trend!

unique dallas cowboys gifts

Dallas Cowboys Football Mug

Make this Dallas Cowboys mug your go-to staple for early morning game days. Constructed to look like a football, this striking cup features a textured design, laces and the vibrant Dallas Cowboys logo, making it the perfect addition to your collection.

unique dallas cowboys gifts

Dallas Cowboys Vintage Tiki

Totem poles were pretty popular hunks of decor in the 1970s and 1980s, but they’ve pretty much fallen out of favor these days. Mix that fact with some Dallas Cowboys flair, and you have a pretty nifty visuall you’re not likely to find anywhere but your own fan cave.

unique dallas cowboys gifts

Dallas Cowboys Bowling Pin

You are a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, but you also love to bowl. Bring two of your favorite things together with this Dallas Cowboys Bowling Pin. Any bowling nut or Dallas Cowboys fan will be jealous of this awesome piece and your dedication to mixing your passions.

unique dallas cowboys gifts

Dallas Cowboys 4′ Gameday Tower

Add some friendly competition to your next watch party with this four-foot-tall Dallas Cowboys Gameday Tower Jenga thingy..

unique dallas cowboys gifts

Dallas Cowboys Team Logo Cufflinks

Do guys still wear cufflinks? Do girls?

No matter what your answers to those questions, and no matter what you’re wearing, you might be tempted to jump back into the formalwear once you get a gander at these Cowboys cufflinks.

The tricky part will be working them in to your short-sleeve repertoire.

unique dallas cowboys gifts

FOCO Dallas Cowboys Grill Gnome

Enjoying delicious food while watching the Dallas Cowboys makes for a great game day, but having this gnome from FOCO grilling alongside you is even better. Rocking a team hat, this mealtime companion has “BBQ King!” splashed across his apron. The whole thing is only slightly creepy and disturbing.

unique dallas cowboys gifts

Dallas Cowboys Disc Duel Game

This Disc Duel Game is just what you and your fellow Dallas Cowboys fans need for your tailgates or the next watch party. With an easy set-up and simple instructions, this game is ready to rock just about anywhere.Set includes two scoring cans, two base pads, one disc, and one mesh carry bag.

unique dallas cowboys gifts

Not quite unique, but still unusual, are the items on our list of amazing Dallas Cowboys gifts for her.

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