If you have a fan of America’s Team on your shopping list, then you always have an easy out on holidays and birthdays — load up on Dallas Cowboys gifts!

And, while it might have been tough to find that perfect Blue and Silver gift to satisfy every type of fan in years past, that’s not much of a problem these days. Today, online marketplaces abound, catering to just about every taste and need imaginable.

What follows, then, is a complete guide to Dallas Cowboys gifts, broken up into categories to help you find just what you’re looking for. And be sure to click through the individual pages, each dedicated to a complete rundown of gifts for that particular fan bracket.

Hut! Hut!

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Dallas Cowboys Gifts for Him

The entries in this category will probably look the most like the traditional Cowboys gifts that have driven sales for decades. After all, NFL fandom has traditionally leaned toward the male side of the audience, and likewise with the most popular baubles. So if you’re looking for jerseys, helmets, footballs, ties, hats, and anything big, bulky, and maybe even crude to satisfy the guys on your Cowboys list, this is the category for you.

Dallas Cowboys Gifts for Dad

A subcategory of the “for him” breakout above, dads present a special case. Sure, you can always fall back on a Dallas Cowboys tie (Amazon affiliate link) for the man who made you possible, but there are all sorts of other ways to zero in on the ‘Boys gear dad might want most. Of utmost concern will be items that fulfill a utility — think spatulas, umbrellas, grill covers, oil-tanker-sized coffee mugs, and the like — and items that bring the nostalgia … football cards, photos, footballs, pennants, etc.

Dallas Dowboys Gifts for Her

Football fandom spans all sectors of society today, and that goes double for the Dallas Cowboys, who remain a lot of the swagger from their “America’s Team” heyday. And, with women making up a larger and larger percentage of fandom with each passing year, NFL merchandise has evolved to meet the demand for items that have a definite “for her” bent to them. You can include just about everything else on this list in this bucket, but stuff specific to the women on your shopping list might include Dallas Cowboys skirts, dresses, and other smaller-sized clothes; hair and beauty accessories like combs, hair clips, scrunchies, team-colored makeups; Cowboys-themed jewelry; and on and on and on.

Dallas Cowboys Christmas Gifts

Christmas brings together all these categories into one melting pot since you’re likely to be buying for any and all of of the Cowboys fans on your list at any given time. Each season is bound to bring some must-have ‘Boys gear to the market, and this is where you might also find yourself buying for a younger set: action figures, football cards, folders, pens, pencils, and the like are all fair game. So, too, are Cowboys Christmas cards and gift wrapping, as well as holiday decorations.

Dallas Cowboys Gift Box

Sometimes, you want to pull together a slew of Cowboys baubles under one “roof” to give the recipient a veritable Silver and Blue smorgasbord to devour. That’s where a well-constructed gift box comes into play, and you can either put it together yourself or look for one that’s pre-assembled. There are even subscription box services that will send your Cowboys fan a new batch of goodies every month.

Dallas Cowboys Gift Basket

Similar to the gift box, a Cowboys gift basket brings together a bunch of Dallas goodies in one package. The difference is that a basket gives you the chance to express your artistic arrangement a bit and also leaves the recipient with something extra — the basket — beyond the Cowboys contents. Also like the gift box, you can seek out ready-made gift baskets if you prefer.

Unique Dallas Cowboys Gifts

Finally, every shopping list has that one person who’s just about impossible to buy for. They have everything already … they’re very picky … they won’t tell you what they want … maybe all of those things combined. When that Mr. or Ms. Impossible is a Dallas Cowboys fan, you can head out in search of a unique — or at least unusual — Cowboys gift. Hand-signed memorabilia, personalized equipment or clothing, original artwork, archival quality prints — all of them and more are considerations as you seek to satisfy the most discerning fanatic. These are the types of beauties you might find in the best sports man caves, too.