When you’re in the market for Dallas Cowboys gifts for dad, not just any bauble will do.

After all, this is The Man we’re talking about, the guy who made it all (well, you, at least) possible.

So if you need some ideas that hit the mark every time, take a gander at these sweet Dallas Cowboys gifts for dad — you’re bound to find a winner!

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YouTheFan NFL 3-Piece Spirit Series Dallas Cowboys BBQ Grill Set

Dad is the star of the grill, so it makes sense to deliver a gift of The Star that he can use to whip up his next masterpiece, right?


And this BBQ grill set fits the grill-bill like no others.

dallas cowboys gifts for dad

Rico Industries NFL Standard Chrome License Plate Frame

Let dad shine his team colors even when he’s tooling around town. This chrome-encrusted number is topped (and bottomed) by Cowboys colors and text, turning the old man’s ride into a Dallas Dandy.

dallas cowboys gifts for dad

Men’s Dallas Cowboys Nostalgia Tie

What’s the classic Dad Gift?

Yeah, it’s the good old tie.

So …

Make sure Dad’s gameday attire can’t be beat by dropping this nostalgic tie on him, and watch him gush over the cheesy — yet festive — Cowboys graphics.

dallas cowboys gifts for dad

Northwest NFL Silk Touch Bathrobe

Pops will transform into Dad Debonair whenever he slips into this plush and silky Cowboys bathrobe done up in dark, shimmery Dallas colors. Just make sure mom is available to help keep him in check!

dallas cowboys gifts for dad

Rico Industries NFL Laser Engraved Trifold Wallet

How many times have you asked dad to dip into his wallet to buy some trinket for you, or to help you out of a jam? Now you can give his cash case a Cowboys refresh with this fetching trifold model. There’s no denying it’s very, very “Dad.”

dallas cowboys gifts for dad

FOCO Men’s NFL Team Logo Sport Outdoor Sun Bucket Boonie Hat

And speaking of very “Dad”, this silly hat might embarrass a mere mortal (like you!), but the old man will dig it to no end. Especially if he thinks it will make you blush to see him wear it in public.

dallas cowboys gifts for dad

FOCO Men’s NFL Team Logo Sherpa Slide Slippers

Dad has to stay comfortable while he’s watching the Cowboys take on all comers, and these plush slippers will keep his tootsies feeling warm and snug. Besides, he needs an accessory for that rowdy robe up there, right?

dallas cowboys gifts for dad

FOCO Dallas Cowboys Scarf

Keep dad warm and cozy with this Dallas Cowboys scarf from FOCO. It’s decorated in classic Dallas Cowboys graphics and colors to help him show off his immense team spirit and add some flair to any outfit. The fringed ends make this scarf a stylish finishing touch to pop’s fan-forward outfit — and gives him something to dig in his ear with.

dallas cowboys gifts for dad

Dallas Cowboys Cushion Money Clip

So, if you’re still hitting dad up for moolah now and then, this Cowboys money clip will help expediate the process by keeping his cash ready to roll at a moment’s notice.

dallas cowboys gifts for dad

Woodrow Dallas Cowboys BBQ Glove

This stylish Dallas Cowboys BBQ glove is the perfect complement we kicked off with, and dad can also use it when he’s diving to catch balls at the end of his routes during the family pick-up football game.

dallas cowboys gifts for dad

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