If you’re a fan of baseball’s most storied team, then buildling a New York Yankees man cave just may be the utlimate expression of your devotion.

After all, if you’re willing to dedicate a room — or even a nook — of your home to the iconic pinstripes, then you have some skin in the game.

And if you’re able to convince your significant other (and other quarter mates) that a Yankees shrine is a good idea, too, then you’re both a master of persuasion and doubly dedicated to your team. No doubt you had to make some compromises and big promises to swing the deal, after all.

And, finally, if you plan to spend a good chunk of your week hunkered down in your Yankees-themed sports bunker, then you must truly love all things Bronx Bombers (Amazon affiliate link).

But before you get started putting together your Yanks sanctuary, you might need a little help, and a bit of inspiration.

You can, of course, consult our complete guide to building out a sports man cave, and that tome will arm you with the practical overall considerations you need to take care of, as well as providing lots of inspirational pictures of what other collectors have built for themselves. Read that guide right here.

But you’ll need to get a bit more specific to nail your New York State of Cave, so here is a brief shopping list of items you might want to include in your New York Yankees man cave.

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Yankees Flags

No team has planted more flags on the crown of their stadium to celebrate World Series titles than the Yankees — it’s not even close. So you can’t really build out a proper Yankees fan cave without including some flags of your own. Luckily, there are options to suit just about every taste — pennants, full-on flagpole fodder suitable for outdoor use, wall-sized flanned flags to really wrap yourself in Bronx colors. Pick the ones that best suit your tastes and go to town.

Yankees Poster

If you want to get a bit more specific with your wall display of NYY fandom, then you might want to invest in a Yankees poster … or a few of them. You can find posters that celebrate indidual players, specific renditions of the Bombers (the historic 1998 team, for example), team logos, and evenorm specific moments. Grab the ones that mean the most to you and that fit the aesthetic of your Yankees man cave, and get to posting.

Yankees Banner

Like the flags discussed above, Yankees banners can go a long way in helping you cover the walls of your fan cave in a hurry, and with plenty of team flair. Banners generally take on a wider variety of sizes and forms than flags, too: tall and narrow, short and wide, tall and wide, chevron-capped, reverse-chevron-capped, and on and on and on.

Wall Art for Your Yankees Man Cave

Yankees wall art takes the decor of your fan cave to another level, giving you the opportunity to introduce all sorts of new perspectives on your favorite team. You can find prints of works from famous artists like LeRoy Neiman focused on various Yankees subjects, or you can opt for the paintings and drawings of lesser-known creators. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all, and there are hundreds or thousands of different creative takes on the Bombers you can use to beef up your space.

Furniture for Your Yankees Man Cave

Unless you plan to stay on your feet forever in a sort of perpetual seventh-inning stretch, you will eventually want to introduce some furniture into your Yankees man cave. Luckily, there is not shortage of fetching pieces whose designs celebrate the Yanks in color, shape, and style.