Unless you plan to just stand around and look at the walls, your New York Yankees man cave is going to need some snazzy Yankees furniture to make the place feel like home.

Luckily, there is no shortage of options when it comes to the ways you might fill up your diamond den and make it as habitable as possible.

So sit back and enjoy this run through some spiffy Yankees furniture, all of it fit for your burgeoning Bombers lair.

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Imperial Licensed MLB Baseball New York Yankees Playoff Recliner

You may not see the Yankees logo and midnight-blue cover while you’re sunk into this comfy recliner watching the Yanks pound opponents, but you know those sights will be waiting for you once the game is over.

yankees furniture

Rawlings MLB Gameday Elite Chair (All Team Options)

This chair doesn’t have to be homebound, stuck in your fan cave forever. Nope, you can fold it up and take it with you to the tailgate party, the kiddo’s Little League game, or just a picnic in the park. At the end of the day, though, it’ll always be there to spruce up your special room.

yankees furniture

Yankees Northwest MLB Inflatable Air Chair

Another portable entry, this one is … unusual, to say the least. I mean, when was the last time you sat in-slash-on a baseball and felt good about it? Add in some Yanks iconography, and you have a “chair” that can come and go as you need it but can also just sit there making your fan cave look good all the time.

yankees furniture

Imperial New York Yankees Oak Barrel Table

You’re an avid New York Yankees fan and love to flaunt it. Show the New York Yankees your support by grabbing this Oak Barrel Table from Imperial. It features bold New York Yankees graphics, so no one will be able to question where your allegiance lies when you add this sweet piece to your New York Yankees collection.

yankees furniture

New York Yankees Table-Height Director’s Chair

You’ll be the boss of your own fan cave when you set up — and sit up — in this Yanks-themed director’s chair. A great display piece, this cool seat will also serve you well during the gameday pitch-in or a late-night poker game.

yankees furniture

New York Yankees 21” Glass Table Lamp

Light up your cave with some New York Yankees spirit by grabbing this 21” Glass Table Lamp. It features bold New York Yankees colors and graphics that will be the focal point of any room.

yankees furniture

Imperial Gray New York Yankees Folding Adirondack Table

This charming wood-slat table will strike a chord If you’ve ever spread out a picnic in the grass around a ballfield, chomping on sandwiches and apples and Cracker Jack to the tune of bat hitting ball hitting leather. Now, you can recreate at least part of that feeling any time you want, right in the comfort of your own fan cave.

Yankees furniture

Brown New York Yankees 25-Layer StadiumView Lighted End Table

This one gives you a bird’s-eye view of Yankee Stadium, along with facts about the Bombers’ home and a shot of a World Series celebration — nothing says “Yankees” much more than that. This hunk of Yankees furniture adds some real depth to your room, and it also lights up so you won’t miss a detail.

Pair this table with some cherry Yankees wall art, and you have a Bombers corner to be proud of.

Yankees furniture

New York Yankees Weathered Design 8′ Portable Folding Tailgate Table

This New York Yankees Weathered Design 8′ Portable Folding Tailgate Table will make an excellent addition to any pre-game get-together. It also just so happens to be perfectly proportioned to serve as a beer pong table.

yankees furniture

Navy New York Yankees Round Table

This round table is collapsible, has a team logo in the center, and mesh cup holder pockets in the table itself. With this table in your tailgating (or man-cave-ing) gear, you will be ready to feed your hungry New York Yankees buddies!

Yankees furniture

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