Among all Dallas Cowboys gifts, perhaps the ones that loom as the most important — and maybe even ominous — are Dallas Cowboys Christmas gifts.

After all, the holiday season falls while the NFL season is still in play, which means you have the chance to deliver some Blue and Silver joy while it still matters most.

But don’t get too stressed out — while there are tons of great choices, and while that can be overwhelming, we can help whittle down the field by picking out some of the best ‘Boys baubles around.

Here, then, are some amazing Dallas Cowboys Christmas gifts sure to satisfy even the most demanding fan on your shopping list.

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Dallas Cowboys Swarovski Crystal Football

This Swarovski Crystal football is the gift to buy when a) you’ve screwed up royally and have to make up for it, b) you’re trying to make an ostentatious show of your Santa-ing to impress … someone, and/or c) you have more money than brain cells. Right, so maybe the Average Joe won’t pony up for this one, but it’s fun to ogle and ponder, right?

This one certainly stands among the most unique Dallas Cowboys gifts you’re likely to ever find.

dallas cowboys christmas gifts

SKAILIÉ 4-Piece Dallas Cowboys Bathroom Set

From the sublime to the mostly absurd, we move on to this four-piece bathroom set that will remind your fan of his Cowboys allegiance (and you?!) every time he … uh … washes his hands.

dallas cowboys christmas gifts

YouTheFan NFL Memory Match Game – Dallas Cowboys Christmas Gift

Whether the Cowboys fan on your list needs to keep his memory sharp or some common ground with the youngin’s, this classic match game done up Dallas-style is the perfect stocking stuffer.

dallas cowboys christmas gifts

PICNIC TIME NFL Malibu Cooler Picnic Basket – Dallas Cowboys Christmas Gift

Where there are football and football games, there is bound to be food and beverage. And good times, of course, all of which this Malibu cooler picnic basket can help your gift-grabbing Cowboys fan pull off with great aplomb.

dallas cowboys christmas gifts

Game Time NFL Mens Fan Sport Steel Wrist Watch One Size

It takes a strong arm to carry off this hefty wrist watch, but for the right Cowboys fan, this will light up Christmas morning like few other gifts. And the thick, matte silver finish is the perfect complement to the Dallas-blue watch face.

dallas cowboys christmas gifts

Team Effort NFL Wastebasket

All those pre-game and in-game goodies turn into after-game trash, so your Cowboys buddy needs a place to pile it all up other than the corner of his man cave. Enter this big, bold metal Dallas trash can, a classic addition to any sports room that’s been delighting kids of all ages since at least the 1980s.

You can find these for most teams across the major sports — no information yet on the rumor that the Astros version comes with a lid.

dallas cowboys christmas gifts

Dallas Cowboys Scooter

The Cowbosy fan on your list can zip around campus, your neighborhood, or the Dallas Cowboys stadium on game day with this spirited scooter. The pneumatic tires provide good traction and a cushioned ride, and the rear fender brake ensures a quick and convenient stop. Printed Dallas Cowboys graphics will show off unwavering pride as your friend stroll around on this sweet scooter, or crashes headlong into a mailbox.

dallas cowboys christmas gifts

Dallas Cowboys Park Bench

What Christmas list is complete without someone asking for a park bench, right? And, even if your Cowboys fan doesn’t ask for it, chances are he’ll love you for delivering this in your sleigh. Or curse you for saddling him with such a big hunk of stuff to cart around the rest of his life.

Either way.

dallas cowboys christmas gifts

Dallas Cowboys NFL Train – Great Christmas Gift!

This is one of those amazing hunks of team paraphernalia that serve very little practical purpose but look great doing … whatever it is they do. Put this one in front of the tree on Christmas morning, and the Cowboys fan on your list will light up like Santa mainlining Red Bull.

dallas cowboys christmas gifts

Dallas Cowboys Golf Umbrella – Christmas Gift

For the links fan on your Christmas lis — he can hit the course ready to let his spirit out rain or shine with this Dallas Cowboys golf umbrella!

dallas cowboys christmas gifts

Dallas Cowboys Game Rocker 100 – Christmas Gift

Now the Cowboys fan on your list can personalize his favorite space by adding this Dallas Cowboys Game Rocker 100 to the room. It combines sleek innovation and bold team graphics to give you a chair that maximizes your comfort while showing off his Dallas Cowboys pride.

dallas cowboys christmas gifts

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