Like the man himself, Brett Favre rookie cards took a little while to get warmed up. Or, maybe more accurately, Favre and his RCs had to wait for their chance.

But when that opportunity knocked, Favre unleashed the wild and free passer who would become known as “The Gunslinger” on the NFL and changed the course of the game’s history…and his cards followed suit.

Indeed, nearly from the moment new Green Bay Packers general manager Ron Wolf traded a first-round pick in February 1992 to the Atlanta Falcons for the QB who had been their second-round pick in 1991, Favre set about making a place for himself in Packers lore.

Taking the reins from an injured Don Majkowski early in the 1992 season, Favre unleashed a barrage of scrambling and ball-heaving that ignited the team and their fanbase and put Green Bay back on the road to reclaiming the crown of Title Town.

Over the next nearly two decades, mostly with the Pack, Favre hardly ever left the field as he led Green Bay to the playoffs nearly every season, including a Super Bowl victory after the 1996 season.

Along the way, Favre racked up three NFL Most Valuable Player awards and retired (?) in 2010 as the all-time leader in passing yards, touchdowns, and interceptions, among other marks.

Also along the way, his cards became hobby favorites as collectors realized that, for all his warts, this free-wheeler was headed straight toward the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, where he indeed claimed his bust in 2016.

And, although the list of Favre RCs that follows hails from the dark heart of the Junk Wax Era, they remain popular in the hobby more than thirty years after they first popped out of wax packs and Mylar sheathings.

Without further adieu, then, here is the full rundown of Brett Favre rookie cards, complete with typical selling prices for graded PSA 9 copies as late summer 2021, based on information from the PSA Auction Prices Realized tool.

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1991 Action Packed Rookie Update Brett Favre (#21)

1991 Action Packed Rookie Update Brett Favre

Action Packed was a couple years into their run by the time Favre made his debut with the Falcons, and a lot of the novelty had warn off, especially since new “super premium” brands seemed to hit the market every other week.

Still, by waiting until “rookie update” season, AP was able to get the young QB in his pro uniform, and the combination has remained popular with collectors through the ages.

Today, this card generally land in the $15-20 range in PSA 9 condition.

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1991 Pacific Brett Favre (#551)

1991 Pacific Brett Favre

Pacific entered an increasingly crowded football card set with a bright and colorful set that definitely fell toward the premium end of the card spectrum … and that also turned out to be overproduced, just like all the others.

Even so, the Favre rookie card presents a solid look at the young gun and sells for about $15 in PSA 9 condition these days.

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1991 Pro Set Brett Favre (#762)

1991 Pro Set Brett Favre

Pro Set was the king of being everywhere all the time, and the result is a glut of cards that the hobby may never work through.

You can see the effect in prices going all the way back to their first set and 1989, and the low population numbers for graded 1991s reflect more apathy among collectors than any sort of scarcity.

The Brett Favre rookie, though, depicts down-and-gritty game action, though, and sells for $15-20 in PSA 9.

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1991 Pro Set Platinum Brett Favre (#290)

1991 Pro Set Platinum Brett Favre

Positioned as Pro Set’s premium offering, Platinum was issued in two series for a total of 315 cards in the full set. Like most high-end issues of the day, Platinum featured minimal design elements (just the set logo) to leave plenty of room for big, bold photos.

In Favre’s case, we see the young QB in the pocket with a Rams defender bearing down — could that be Karl Wilson, or maybe Gerald Robinson?

No matter what happened on that play (and you have to think Favre is about to pop a run), this RC sells for about $20 in slabbed MINT condition today.

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1991 Score Brett Favre (#611)

1991 Score Brett Favre

Issued before the 1991 NFL season even started, Score didn’t have the chance to nab a shot of Favre in his Falcons uniform. They also didn’t “treat” collectors to airbrushed photos the way Topps did, and the magic of Photoshop and other more modern photo-editing tools was still years away from the mainstream.

So, what was a card company to do? Why, issue the ’91 rookies — the draft picks, especially — in their college togs, of course!

And so we have this border-fade (how 90s!) Favre rookie card showing him with Southern Miss, where he really began building his gridiron legend.

Expect to pay $20-30 for a copy in PSA 9 condition.

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1991 Stadium Club Brett Favre (#94)

1991 Stadium Club Brett Favre

Riding the popularity of their first foray into the world of premium-plus baseball cards, Topps immediately expanded their Stadium Club offering to the gridiron in the fall of 1991.

Featuring a design that’s identical to its diamond counterparts, 1991 Stadium Club football was popular right out of the pack despite its hefty sticker price, and history has been a bit kinder to this issue than its contemporary cardboard brethren.

Consequently, the Gunslinger’s SC entry represents the top of the heap when it comes to Favre rookie cards, checking in at $50-60 in PSA 9 condition.

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1991 Ultra Brett Favre (#283)

1991 Ultra Brett Favre

Another premium set, Fleer Ultra was also another issue that turned out to be ultra plentiful. So much so that it’s not uncommon to find thousands of cards for sale at garage sales and flea markets for just a few bucks for the whole shebang.

Still, if you can locate a Favre rookie card, which shows him ready to fire a pass for Southern Miss, in graded MINT condition, you can expect about a $20 price tag.

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1991 Upper Deck Brett Favre (#13)

1991 Upper Deck Brett Favre

After three summers spent building their brand on the diamond, Upper Deck expanded to the NFL for the first time in 1991.

The upside was that UD brought the same quality product collectors had come to expect: simple and clean design, great photography front and back, Mylar packs and holograms to reduce the likelihood of tampering and counterfeits, a huge checklist with great player selection.

The downside was the same as with just about every other card on this list — overblown production.

No matter how many of these Favre RCs are running around out there in the wild, though, this card showing the BMOC on the Southern Miss sidelines remains the cream of the 1991 Upper Deck crop.

This Brett Favre rookie card sells for about $15-20 in PSA 9 condition.

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