If you’re a fan of America’s Team, then buildling a Dallas Cowboys man cave just may be the utlimate expression of your devotion.

After all, if you’re willing to dedicate a room — or even a nook — of your home to the ‘Boys iconic Silver, Blue, and White, then you have some skin in the game.

And if you’re able to convince your significant other (and other quarter mates) that a Cowboys shrine is a good idea, too, then you’re both a master of persuasion and doubly dedicated to your team. No doubt you had to make some compromises and big promises to swing the deal, after all.

And, finally, if you plan to spend a good chunk of your week hunkered down in your Cowboys-themed sports bunker, then you must truly love all things Big Star.

But before you get started putting together your ‘Boys sanctuary, you might need a little help, and a bit of inspiration.

You can, of course, consult our complete guide to building out a sports man cave, and that tome will arm you with the practical overall considerations you need to take care of, as well as providing lots of inspirational pictures of what other collectors have built for themselves. Read that guide right here.

But you’ll need to get a bit more specific to nail your Texas Temple, so here is a brief shopping list of items you might want to include in your Dallas Cowboys man cave.

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Dallas Cowboys Posters

Back in the 1970s, kids could plunk a quarter into “gumball” machines at the entrances of grocery and department stores (like Kmart) across the country to land a folded-up miniature Sports Illustrated poster of one of various athletes. Cowboys stars like Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett, and Drew Pearson were chief among the main draws, and walls in boys’ bedrooms throughout the land were peppered with the Lone Star.

Ever since then, the Dallas Cowboys poster has been a staple of Dallas Cowboys man caves, in whatever form they may take.

Dallas Cowboys Wall Decor

Beyond mere posters, ‘Boys-themed wall decor is essential to a well-constructed Dallas Cowobys man cave. Some of the possible options include:

  • Framed photos, autographed or not
  • Original artwork, or prints of original artwork
  • Decals, like those offered by Fatheads and similar companies
  • Cowboys wallpaper
  • Wall-sized, paste-on photos of Texas Stadium or AT & T Stadium
  • Footbal card displays
  • Football or jersey displays

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and, to some extent, your budget.

Dallas Cowboys Pool Table

The pool table, of course, has been a staple of game rooms, rec rooms, and man caves thoughout the decades of modern American play.

Even today, it fits right in to any man cave, depending our your tastes and the space you have available.

Combine the classic pool table with a Dallas Cowboys motif — which more than one billiard provider has done — and you have a surefire winner for any active Cowboys shrine.

Dallas Cowboys Lamp

Even a cave needs light, right? And you can’t very well illuminate your Cowboys temple with a generic overhead fixture or even a FRAGILE major award, a la A Christmas Story.

No, the only real, acceptable way to light up your Silver and Blue space is with a Dallas Cowboys lamp … or two … or ten.

You can choose from overhead lights, lighted ceiling fans, table lamps, floor lamps, or more creative entries like football-shaped illumination devices.

Or maybe you’ll just let your big screen TV (Amazon affiliate link) light your way with 24-hour Cowboys games, though that’s not quite as festive (especially when they lose!).

Dallas Cowboys Banner

The Dallas Cowboys are big.

They’re dramatic.

They cover the nation with their fandom.

So, if you want to really make a splash in your sports man cave, you need something similarly big and bold.

Enter the Dallas Cowboys banner, which lets you cover more wall space with one unfurling than a few hundred football cards lined up side-to-side and top-to-bottom.

Banners typically come in durable and bright nylon designs, though you might be able to find some older canvas, wool, or felt varieties, and they run the gamut in shape from pennants to long-tall scrolls to flag-shape-and-size landscape beauts.

And, speaking of football cards and variety, something else you might want to consider for your man cave is dipping into your stash of …

Dallas Cowboys Football Cards

Chances are pretty good that your love affair with the Cowboys was fostered early on by the football cards you pulled from wax packs while stuffing your face with stiff pink sticks of bubble gum way back when.

And, since you’re on this site, chances are also pretty good that you still have at least a few Dallas Cowboys football cards in your collection, or that you wouldn’t mind rekindling your cardboard fling.

Your new (or old) sports man cave is prime real estate for throwing a bone to and some limelight on your football cards.

Put a couple of the best ones under glass and hang them on the wall or set them on a shelf.

Paper a wall, or part of one, with a few Cowboys team sets.

Put a binder-full of Cowboys on your Gatorade-cooler coffee table.

You get the picture.

As with the other entries on this list, the possibilities for weaving Dallas Cowboys football cards into your man cave is limited only by your imagination … and your available checklist.