StockX typically delivers items within 7 to 12 business days after an order is placed, but there may be some variability in that timeline based on a number of factors that can affect how quickly you receive your collectible or shoe purchases.

To understand why it takes StockX longer to ship than, say, Amazon, and why shipping times can vary, it helps to first have an idea of what this unique marketplace is all about.

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What Is StockX?

At its core, StockX is an online marketplace (affiliate link) connecting buyers and sellers, and having several characteristics in common with other online exchanges like eBay and Amazon (which many forget does allow consumer-to-consumer sales for certain types of items).

But StockX differs from its counterparts in a few key ways.

First, StockX began life in 2015 primarily as a sort of clearinghouse for shoe collectors to buy and sell sneakers — usually rare or highly-sough-after basketball shoes. Because there is ample opportunity for counterfeiters to take advantage of consumers in that market, as well as in the clothing-fashion market at large (which StockX also plays in), the company quickly established an authentication protocol to verify the authenticity of each item shipped.

Second, to accommodate this authentication step, StockX itself handles every item sold on the platform.

Let’s tackle those in reverse order to see how they might impact shipping time.

Seller Shipping

When an item is sold on StockX, the next basic step is for the seller to ship the product to StockX so that they can put it through its paces in regards to authentication and condition verification.

Exactly how long this takes can vary a bit depending on where in the world the seller is located and just how motivated the seller is to complete the transaction.

However, StockX does require that sellers ship their item within two working days, or three for new-release footwear and five for “Supreme” items.

StockX Authentication

Today, StockX has several authentication facilities in operation, distributed across the United States and internationally, to expedite the process of verifying that each item is what the seller says it is. Still, it’s tough to be close to every location on earth, so there are still some sellers in regions that take longer to ship to a StockX center than others.

Once StockX does receive an item, however, their turnaround time for authentication and verification is generally in the neighborhood of 1-2 days.

Once an item goes through authentication, and assuming it passes muster, then StockX ships it out.

From there, it’s on the schedule of the carrier.

Holidays and Weekends

Another wrinkle in the end-to-end delivery of items purchased through StockX is that holidays and weekends are wildcards. You should generally assume that they don’t count in the published waiting times.

Indeed, StockX repeatedly mentions “working” and “business” days in their verbiage around shipping times, which means they’re probably not counting weekends and holidays in those tallies.

In other words, a 10-day turnaround is actually a 10-working-day turnaround, which means the actual elapsed time will be closer to two weeks when you factor in the weekends involved. Place an order on a Monday, and the tenth day will be the Friday at the end of the following week.

So … How Long Does StockX Take to Ship?

Add all those pieces together, and you get pretty close to the company’s stated goal of 7-12 working days for each purchase made. It’s a number that seems to hold up pretty well in reality, too, based on various reviews and forums around the internet, though you will find some reviews that mention longer wait times and other various issues with the shipping process.

Some of those may be due to expectations not aligned with the StockX business model, where consumers expect an Amazon-like experience. It’s always worth doing a bit of research when jumping into a new arena.

At any rate, StockX is a unique marketplace for sportswear and collectibles (and other stuff) and sure to hold some interesting items for just about anyone who peruses their offerings. You can check out all the goodies right here (affiliate link).