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As Major League Baseball teams go, the Texas Rangers got a late start in life and came at it from an oblique angle.

When the Washington Senators moved to Minnesota (to become the Twins) before the 1961 season, Major League Baseball acted swiftly to accelerate their expansion plans. In particular, they spun up both the Los Angeles Angels and a new team in the nation’s capital … the new Senators.

When the owner (and general manager) of those Senators, Bob Short, couldn’t extort a new stadium from Washington, DC, by the end of the 1971 season, he agreed to move his franchise to Arlington, Texas. American League owners approved the relocation by a 10-2 vote, and the Senators were no more … again.1972 Topps Frank Howard

So, in the spring of 1972, the Texas Rangers began a trek that has now spanned more than 45 years and gained them entry into some exclusive clubs. Consider …

  • The Rangers are one of two teams — with the Minnesota Twins — who were once known as the Washington Senators.
  • The Rangers are one of eight current franchises who have never won the World Series.
  • The Rangers are one of three expansion teams (Milwaukee Brewers and Washington Nationals) who started life in another city.
  • The Rangers are the only MLB team in Texas who has never changed leagues.

And the list could go on and on.

In fact, the list of stuff to know about the Texas Rangers is way too big for one post or even one website to spell out in full.

They are the TEXAS Rangers, after all, and everything is bigger there, even if it hasn’t been around as long as others of its ilk.

So, instead of trying to dump every available fact about the Rangers in this space, we’ve instead pulled together all of the best resources about Texas’s second MLB team.

What you’ll find below are the best sites the web has to offer when it comes to learning about and keeping up with the Texas Rangers, all broken down into Lone-Star-bite-sized pieces so you can find what you’re looking for at any given moment.

Enjoy the ride, and check back for updates!

Table of Contents

1974 Topps Jeff Burroughs

Texas Rangers Baseball History

Even though the Rangers have only been around as the Rangers since 1972, that’s still more than 45 years worth of baseball to cover.

Luckily, there are plenty of sites to serve up your Rangers in lots of different ways. Here are some of the best we’ve found.

Baseball Reference Rangers Page 

If you were forced to pick just one website from which to get your baseball information for the rest of your life, you couldn’t do much better than Baseball Reference. This site give you all the stats and trivia you could ever need, and they even have some narrative pieces to remind you that baseball is a human game. When it comes to the Texas Rangers, you can begin your journey at BR’s team page.

You can also find more of the Rangers story on their BR Bullpen page.

Rangers History at Major League Baseball

Sometimes, you just need to go right to the source when you’re looking for information. And who better to tell you about the history of a Major League Baseball team than MLB themselves? You can check out the MLB Rangers history page here.

Note that MLB also provides a pretty interesting Rangers timeline.

Wikipedia Team History

Not surprisingly, Wikipedia checks in with a solid page full of interesting Rangers history and trivia. While you may not want to knock out research papers using Wikipedia as your only source, they’re hard to beat when it comes to up-to-date information about whatever topic you’re checking into.1979 Topps Bump Wills (Rangers)

The Texas Rangers are no exception.

Texas State Historical Association

As you might expect, the state of Texas is proud of its sports teams. To that end, the Texas State Historical Association has put together an account of Rangers history that is worth your time to check out.

ESPN Rangers History Page

ESPN may be losing its grip on the title of “The Worldwide Leader in Sports,” but they are still an authoritative source, and their Rangers history page is a good starting point for digging out information about the franchise.

Sports Team History

Sports Team History is a site devoted to … well … sports team histories. They do a good job of presenting a brief, general history of each team, as well as a timeline  and links out to visual histories around logos and uniforms. Their Texas Rangers page is here.

Encyclopedia Britannica

In decades past, hard-copy encyclopedias were often the best or only source of information about most topics. While physical books continue their slide into oblivion, there are still “encyclopedias” running around on the web, and Britannica maintains a strong presence. Check out their Rangers page for a good general overview and links to related topics like “Nolan Ryan” and “Fergie Jenkins.”

Sports E-Cyclopedia

The Sport E-Cyclopedia may not be a household name and their design is a bit dated, but they sure do jam a lot of information into each page. Check out their Texas Rangers entry for a detailed, narrative history of the club — but be prepared to spend more than couple of minutes on the site!

Reference for Business

Reference for Business is a site that presents narrative case studies and histories for businesses in a variety of industries. On their Rangers page, they run down the franchise story and then present about a dozen other references you can dig into for even more information.

Baseball Almanac

The voluminous Baseball Almanac website takes on the history of the Washington Senators and Texas Rangers on this mostly narrative page. Also included are all-time statistical leaders for both teams, as well as a handful of interesting “Fast Facts.”

City of Arlington Website

“What’s a City without Baseball?” reads the title of Arlington’s page devoted to the Rangers. Yeah, they get it, and their page is worth a (quick) read.

The Baseball Gauge

The Baseball Gauge serves up a series of baseball-related dashboards with a strong SABR bent. For instance, their Texas Rangers page shows the top Rangers pitchers and batters, in terms of WAR, since their inception as the new-look Senators in 1961. Other goodies abound on this site, too, and it’s another destination that might suck you in for far longer than you 1983 Topps Buddy Bellintended.

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Texas Rangers Players

Baseball Reference List of Rangers Batters

Baseball is all about the connections we make with teams and players, and you really can’t know a team without having a good handle on who has worn their uniforms over the years. No one does a better job of helping you make those connections than Baseball Reference, and their list of all Rangers batters will keep you busy for as long as you want (and more).

Baseball Reference List of Rangers Pitchers

Baseball Reference has you covered in terms of Rangers pitchers, too, from Rich Hand to Danny Darwin to Nolan Ryan and beyond.

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Texas Rangers Uniforms

Most Major League teams change up their look from time to time, whether to drive revenue through more jersey sales, to keep up with fashion trends, or just to freshen up outdated uniforms. The Rangers are no exception and have used several different uniforms throughout their existence. You can take a tour down the woolen/polyester/cotton memory lane with any and all of the following sites.

Major League Baseball

The MLB site provides descriptions of each major “look” sported by the Rangers over the years, as well as in-game photos 1986 Donruss Gary Ward Diamond King featuring most of the togs. As a bonus, they also run down Texas’ logo changes (see the next section for more on Rangers logos).

Heritage Sports Art

Heritage Sports Art presents up-close views of most Rangers and Senators jerseys, and they also sell replicas if you’re in the market for some Texas gear.

Baseball Hall of Fame

If you want to be dazzled by the widest array of vintage baseball jerseys — and other artifacts — you can imagine, there is no better place than the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, NY. Little wonder, then, that the HOF jumps in to provide schematic drawings of all Rangers home and road uniforms over the years. An invaluable resource.

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Texas Rangers Logos

Logos change almost as often as uniforms, sometimes in lock-step, sometimes independently. Over the last five decades, the Rangers have employed at least seven different logos, and you can trace that history at either the MLB page listed above or at …


SportsLogos.net shows standalone images of Rangers logos and jerseys, and they also sell various apparel featuring the Rangers colors and emblems.

Sports Logo History

1987 Topps Pete Incaviglia

The Rangers page at Sports Logo History lets you peruse all of the team’s logos and even vote for the one you like best. You can also click through to alternative and concept logos that never made it to the mainstream.

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Texas Rangers Baseball Cards and Collectibles

It’s almost inevitable that a die-hard fan will at some point want to acquire memorabilia related to their favorite team. Here are a couple of resources that specifically dig into Rangers baseball cards and collectibles.

Collectors Weekly

Collectors Weekly is a wide-ranging site covering all sorts of collectibles, from wristwatches to baseball cards to motorcycles. Rangers collectors will want to check out the team collectibles page.

Wax Pack Gods

Surprise! We cover most aspects of the hobby at various times, and the Texas Rangers are no exception. Check out our Rangers posts … and then check back again because we’re always adding new pieces.

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Texas Rangers Blogs

We’re fortunate to live in an age when we can find fresh information about our favorite teams all year long thanks to news sites and, especially, blogs. Here are a few of the best and most active blogs devoted to all things Texas Rangers.

Lone Star Ball

This is the SB Nation Texas Rangers blog and features multiple new posts every day.

Nolan Writin’

1989 Upper Deck Nolan RyanAnother active Rangers blog, this one is part of the FanSided network.

One Strike Away

This blog is a bit more sporadic in terms of publishing schedule than the others on this list, but each post is in-depth and insightful.

Rangers Rounding 3rd

Billed as a “Texas Rangers Fan Site,” this blog keeps plugging away even when the Rangers’ season is over. A very active reader community (comments) makes this a good choice to add to your list of regular reads.

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Team Websites & News

While blogs are meant to be biased, sometimes you just need to know the facts. When you want to find out the latest news — or potential news — about the Texas Rangers, you might consider turning to …

Official MLB Team Site

If something happens “officially” with or around the Texas Rangers, you’ll read about it on their MLB site.

ESPN Rangers Page

ESPN still does a good job of keeping up on developing stories, so their Rangers page is a good place to look for breaking news or even rumors.1990 Fleer All-Star Ruben Sierra

MLB Trade Rumors

If rumors are your bag, then you likely already know all about MLB Trade Rumors. Whether you want to find out about the Rangers’ plans for the off-season, their draft strategy, or their trade targets during the summer, their Rumors page should be ready to load in your browser at all times.

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Texas Rangers Social Media

The world is connected like never before thanks to the Internet and, especially, to social media. For baseball fans, that means we have the chance to interact in real-time with the athletes and teams we follow and form an even closer bond than in years past.

Here are the stops to hit if you’re looking to connect with the Texas Rangers on social media …

MLB Social Media Index

This is the team’s official social media listing, which includes various current initiatives.

Rangers Public

This is an aggregate page where the team shows their latest posts from various platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

1977 Texas Rangers ScorecardFacebook

This is the Rangers’ official Facebook page, where they post about once per day.

Twitter (@Rangers)

This is the Rangers’ official Twitter account, which is moderately active (several tweets per week).


The Rangers’ official Google+ account is a bit less active than their Facebook page.


You will find lots of snazzy red, white, and blue Rangers pins on the team’s Pinterest page.


The Rangers’ Tumblr specializes in animated GIFs. If you like short bursts of action, this site is for you.


All sorts of great Rangers images abound on their Instagram account.

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Texas Rangers Television and Radio

If the Rangers are your team, then you want to watch them on television or listen to them on

2010 Texas Rangers World Series Tickets

the radio when you can’t be at the Ballpark in person. The team’s MLB site has information on both TV and radio affiliates.

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Texas Rangers Tickets

If you want to see the Rangers play in person, you’ll need tickets. While you can take your chances on getting the tix you want at the Ballpark, you could also plan ahead by visiting these ticket sellers online:

Rangers Tickets from MLB Tickets

Rangers Tickets from StubHub

Rangers Tickets from Vivid Seats

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Texas Rangers Books

Even when Texas isn’t playing, and even when baseball season is over, you can still read about the Rangers through books and e-Books. Here are some tomes you might enjoy:

Seasons in Hell

Seasons in Hell

100 Things Rangers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die

100 Things Rangers Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die

Ballgame! A Decade Covering the Texas Rangers from the Best Seat in the House

Ballgame! A Decade Covering the Texas Rangers from the Best Seat in the House

It's Baseball Time in Texas!

It’s Baseball Time in Texas!

Texas Rangers - An Interactive Guide to the World of Sports

Texas Rangers: An Interactive Guide to the World of Sports

Baseball Town - The Fall and Rise of the Texas Rangers

Baseball Town – The Fall and Rise of the Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers (Favorite Baseball Teams)

Texas Rangers (Favorite Baseball Teams)

Juan Gonzalez - Home Run Hero

Juan Gonzalez – Home Run Hero

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(Check out our other posts related to the Texas Rangers here and check back here for more of our ultimate team guides.)

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