(For more classic cardboard, check out our Complete Guide to the Golden Era of Baseball Cards.)

By the time the first wax packs of 1990 Topps baseball cards hit store shelves that early spring, the pressure was already off for the Old Gum Company (OGC).

And yet, the pressure was also “on” like never before.1990-Topps-Jose-Rijo

All allusions of scarcity for their base brand had been cast to the wind during 1988 and 1989, when Topps card were rumored to be found growing from sidewalk cracks in New York City and sprouting inside tumbleweeds outside El Paso.

Even the loaded 1987 Topps set was starting to lose luster as collectors found cache after cache in junk shops and closeout bins across the country.

Strangely, though we didn’t expect much from Topps, we were all eager to hold the new cards in our hands, same as every year.

But this time, we were prepared to scrutinize and compare Topps more than at any point since Fleer and Donruss entered the field in 1981.

Because, while all three companies were searching for the right path forward as the hobby boomed continued, newcomers Score and, especially, Upper Deck had raised the bar on collector expectations.

We were pretty sure that Upper Deck would deliver another top-quality premium set chocked full of beautiful photography against a super clean design, but how would Topps respond to the swelling demand for top-notch collectibles?1990-Topps-Baseball-Wax-Pack

Chiclets in a Wax Pack

As we tore open those first waxy, Topps-y green packs, our hopes of a revolutionary new design from the OGC were instantly dashed.

Instead of a clean, new look, Topps took an approach that only they could and which has worked so well for them in more recent years: they stepped back into the past to revise a classic design.

In this case, Topps reached back 15 years to channel the spirit of their controversial 1975 set, which featured the most colorful borders in the company’s history.

For their 1990 resurrection, Topps endowed each card front with a fairly uncluttered front that featured a large full-color photo of the player surrounded by a thin two-color border. In the top lefthand corner, the team name was presented in a color that matched a box in the lower righthand corner and contained the player name in black letters.

In the upper or1990-Topps-Kirk-Gibson lower righthand corner, and in black or white print, depending on the attributes of the photo, was the Topps logo.

If the card design had stopped there, or if the size of the photo had been expanded so that the thin inner border became the only border, then Topps might have had a blueprint to compete with UD and the coming “ultra premium” sets — especially if the package included white card stock and high-def photos.

But Topps didn’t stop there, instead wrapping each card in a razzmatazz border that featured one color in multiple shades, fading and dotting and strobing from dark to white to light and back again.

Looking at one card was interesting, maybe even refreshing.

Thumbing through an entire wax pack of 15 cards was jarring and made you feel like you were holding a Frankenstein representation of several dif1990-Topps-Damon-Berryhillferent sets — much like the 1975 Topps baseball cards had done a decade and half earlier.

You might have expected such a color explosion to be accompanied by a pack of fruity Chiclets, but Topps opted instead for their normal slab of pink confection that only added to the perception that OGC was not quite ready to respond to the innovations of their challengers.

Another big clue came when you turned over a 1990 baseball card and it became obvious that Topps was sticking with their traditional soft, brown card stock.

The result was a card back that appeared dingy in comparison to the bright white stock of Topps’ competitors and left no doubt about its origin.

Dominated by a mustard yellow background, the obverse of each 1990 card contains all of the usual design elements, beginning with the card number in gray on black in the upper righthand corner, perched atop a black Topps logo against a gray background.

Next to the card number is a long gray box with the player’s vital and personal stats, with his name and position in gray against a black background rounding out the top section.

As usual, the most prominent element of the back is the stats section, which occupies the bottom 80% and shows complete career numbers. For those players with just a handful of seasons to their credit, Topps squeezed in a biographical paragraph under the statistics.1990-Topps-Roger-Salkeld-back

All in all, the 1990 Topps set created an aesthetic that didn’t leave much room for middle ground: either you loved the garish borders, or they gave you a headache.

Based on anecdotal evidence, most collectors were reaching for the the Tylenol bottle after slicing through a few wax wrappers that spring, but that didn’t necessarily keep us from stocking up on the cards.

After all, we had burning questions, like …

1990-Topps-Sammy-SosaWhat Has 2800 Home Runs, 2 Hall of Fame Plaques, and 13 Names?

And the answer to that question would eventually be “the 1990 Topps baseball set,” or at least a handful of its key cards.

In particular, Juan Gonzalez (331), Ken Griffey, Jr. (336), Frank Thomas (414), Sammy Sosa (692), Bernie Williams (701), and Larry Walker (757) all made their regular-issue Topps debuts in the first set of the new decade. All but Griffey were rookie cards, as The Kid had made appearances in several 1989 base sets and the 1989 Topps Traded boxed deal.

While this lineup of rookie cards may not have created quite the buzz that 1987’s fabled group of youngsters stirred up, collectors had our eyes on these six guys from the very beginning. And it didn’t take long for them to start cranking home runs and establishing themselves among the best players of the 1990s.

Add in hype surrounding the speedy Eric Anthony (608), multidimensional Marquis Grissom (714), and big righty Ben McDonald (774), and there was plenty of rookie craze to fuel interest in the 1990s regardless of how they looked.

Of course, checking in at the usual 792-card count, Topps’ 1990 effort had plenty of room to include all the biggest stars of the game. Among the hottest names at the time were Don Mattingly (200), Roger Clemens (245), Rickey Henderson (450), and Cal Ripken, Jr. (570).

And nobody was hotter in the early 1990s than Nolan Ryan, who had eclipsed the 5000-strikeout plateau in 1999. Topps obliged Express-hungry collectors by kicking off the set1990-Topps-Bernie-Williams with FIVE Ryan cards, starting with his base issue and following up with a 5000K special showing Ryan with each of his four Major League teams — New York Mets, California Angels, Houston Astros, and Texas Rangers.

Tonight, On a Very Special Topps Baseball Card

The Ryan onslaught on cards 1-5 was just the beginning of the subsets and theme cards peppered throughout the 1990 set. From All-Stars to Record Breakers to manager cards, the issue had most of the Topps goodies that you could ever ask for. Here is a complete listing of the “specials” you might find in your packs that spring and summer:

  • 1990-Topps-Fred-Lynn-Turn-Back-the-ClockNolan Ryan (cards #1-5)
  • Record Breakers (#6-8)
  • Manager cards (starting with #21 — Jeff Torborg — and seeded about every 30 cards thereafter)
  • Six checklist cards starting with #128
  • All-Stars (#385-407)
  • Turn Back the Clock (#661-665)1990-Topps-Eric-Davis-All-Star

About the only subjects missing were team cards, but it would have been impossible for Topps to settle on one border color for each club anyway.

Get ‘Em This Way or That, and Get Something Extra

What Topps lacked in innovation in 1990, they attempted to overcome by offering a blinding variety of avenues through which collectors could acquire their cards. Among these were:

  • The good old wax pack, which came 36 to a box at 50 cents each1990-Topps-Baseball-Christmas-Factory-Set
  • Traditional cello packs containing 30 cards for 89 cents, and stacked 24 to a box
  • Rack packs offered 24 to a box, each containing 44 cards for $1.49
  • “Jumbo” cello packs, each containing 100 cards
  • K-Mart “blister” packs loaded with 100 cards
  • Vending boxes with a whopping 500 cards1990-Topps-Baseball-vending-box
  • Factory sets in fairly plain white boxes
  • Christmas factory sets in stylish seasonal boxes

So, as usual, Topps cards were everywhere throughout 1990, and most of these distribution options offered a little something extra for your patronage.

In particular, you would find:

  • One of 22 glossy “1989 All-Star” cards in each rack pack
  • A glossy “1989 Rookies” card, very similar in design to the above All-Star glossies, seeded one per Jumbo pack
  • One of 22 “Batting Leaders” cards in each K-Mart jumbo1990-Topps-Batting-Leaders-George-Brett
  • A redemption card in wax packs that you could collect and send in for Topps Glossies, consisting of 60 cards in all


It was basically the same lineup that Topps had in place throughout the late 1980s, and though these extras may not have excited v1990-Topps-Baseball-Glossy-Rookies-Ken-Griffey-Jreteran collectors, they at least added some variety.

They also gave us more to collect, and if it’s one thing that collectors love, it’s “more.”

You Can’t Read This Subtitle Because I Forgot the Ink (NNOF)

Something else that collectors really dug in the early days of the hobby boom were errors and variations.

If a player’s name were spelled wrong, or if his height were listed at 5’2″ instead of 5’10”, we were all over it.

And if those errors were corrected in later print runs?

Break out the good china, Mabel, ’cause we’re in the money now!

Errors and, especially, variations, meant scarcity — one version would always be less plentiful than the other — and that meant value.

1990-Topps-Billy-SpiersAnd, while our E & V mania may have been subsiding a bit by 1990, we were still vigilant enough to notice that:

  • Darrell Evan’s home run total was incorrect on card #55.
  • Card #222 (Kurt Stillwell) misspelled “graduate.”
  • Sandy Alomar wasn’t a “Jr.” on card #353.
  • Marty Barrett “slugged” .056 in 1982, not .56.
  • Checklist card #376 didn’t alphabetize “Higuera” correctly.
  • Card #496 credits Cecil Espy with the wrong number of stolen bases for 1988.
  • Mike Dunne (#522) is listed with the wrong birth town.
  • Card #538 purports to show Billy Spiers but actually depicts George Canale.
  • Scott Scudder’s card #553 introduces us to hacker-speak and secure passwords with a reference to “Cedar Rap1ds.”
  • Kirt Manwaring’s 1988 stats on card #678 were so enticing that Topps printed them twice.
  • Sadly, Mark Parent (#749) did not bat .80 in 1987; the real figure was .080.

Those were all interesting errors, and some were so glaring as to be laughable, but they weren’t corrected. For collectors, that meant they were worth noting but not worth1990-Topps-Frank-Thomas-NNOF any extra coinage.

Card #414 of Frank Thomas was a different animal, though.

Not only was the pasteboard the rookie card of a Number 1 draft pick who looked like he might be something special, but collectors discovered early on that some of Thomas’ cards existed with no player name on the front.

While many hobbyists considered the Thomas card to be nothing more than a printing mistake — black ink left out of the process somewhere along the line — the “no name on front,” or NNOF, variation was noticeably scarcer than the “correct” version. Coupled with Thomas’ rising star, investor speculation turned NNOF into the 90s version of “C. Nettles” and drove the card into four-figure territory.

Most of the furor around NNOF has long since died down, but high-grade specimens can still fetch $1000 or more.

The Origina1990-Topps-Tiffany-Darren-Daulton-Backl Super Premium Baseball Card

Topps may have relied on rookies and variations to generate whatever middling excitement they could in 1990, but they also continued a tradition that never really seemed to catch on in its day but which many hobbyists thought should have superseded the base set each season.

For the seventh consecutive year, Topps released a Tiffany set to accompany its “normal” 1990 Topps set.

The Tiffany set was a complete 792-card copy of the base set, but printed on high-quality white stock and featuring a super glossy coating that made each card “slick” to the touch. It’s not known exactly how many of the 1990 Tiffany sets were printed, but previous years saw between 10,000 and 25,000 of the premiums issued, a far cry from the overabundance of base cards.

Often considered too expensive and unnecessary when they were released, the Tiffany sets gained1990-Topps-Traded-Baseball-Set in popularity as other premium issues became more popular in the 1990s and 2000s. Today, the Tiffanies enjoy a strong secondary market.

One add-on that was always popular as soon as it was issued was the year-end Topps Traded set.

The 132-card 1990 Topps Traded set never had the firepower of its 1982-83 counterparts, but it still offered collectors our first glimpse of Carlos Baerga (6T), Travis Fryman (33T), David Justice (48T),  and John Olerud (83T) on OGC pasteboards.

It also treated us to the strange sight of Dave Winfield (130T) in a California Angels uniform.

What’s T1990-Topps-Baseball-Don-Mattinglyhat Worth in 1990 Dollars?

The 1990 set is one of the first that never experienced much of a price boost as its rookies and superstars set off into the Major League world to make a name for themselves.

Hobbyists had a pretty good idea from the outset that the cards weren’t limited in any way, and there were enough options available by that spring that the rainbow set never generated much buzz.

Even the Thomas NNOF error couldn’t do much for overall prices since it wasn’t part of the set and would generally only be found for sale as a single. The chase for missing1990-topps-nolan-ryan black ink may have sold a few extra packs for a while, but that excitement was short-lived.

So we’re left with a set that debuted like all Topps issues of the era did, available in the $15-30 range depending on who was selling it and whether the set was of the hand-collated or factory variety.

And more than 25 years later, that’s about where the issue stands now. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find complete runs for less than $15 and sometimes even under $10.

No one will ever get rich by selling 1990 Topps baseball cards, but they’re a colorful reminder of what life was like on the diamond during the pre-expansion years of the 1980s and early 1990s. If you’re looking for an affordable time machine and memories of a simpler time, you can’t do much better than these wax-wrapped Chiclets.


(For more classic cardboard, check out our Complete Guide to the Golden Era of Baseball Cards.)



RB – Record Breaker

RC – Rookie Card

MGR – Manager

TBTC – Turn Back the Clock

1 Nolan Ryan

2 Nolan Ryan 5,000 K Mets

3 Nolan Ryan 5,000 K Angels

4 Nolan Ryan 5,000 K Astros

5 Nolan Ryan 5,000 K Rangers

6 Vince Coleman (RB)

7 Rickey Henderson (RB)

8 Cal Ripken Jr. (RB)

9 Eric Plunk

10 Barry Larkin

11 Paul Gibson

12 Joe Girardi

13 Mark Williamson

14 Mike Fetters RC

15 Teddy Higuera

16 Kent Anderson

17 Kelly Downs

18 Carlos Quintana

19 Al Newman

20 Mark Gubicza

21 Jeff Torborg (MGR)

22 Bruce Ruffin

23 Randy Velarde

24 Joe Hesketh

25 Willie Randolph

26 Don Slaught

27 Rick Leach

28 Duane Ward

29 John Cangelosi

30 David Cone

31 Henry Cotto

32 John Farrell

33 Greg Walker

34 Tony Fossas RC

35 Benito Santiago

36 John Costello

37 Domingo Ramos

38 Wes Gardner

39 Curt Ford

40 Jay Howell

41 Matt Williams

42 Jeff Robinson

43 Dante Bichette

44 Roger Salkeld RC

45 Dave Parker

46 Rob Dibble

47 Brian Harper

48 Zane Smith

49 Tom Lawless

50 Glenn Davis

51 Doug Rader (MGR)

52 Jack Daugherty RC

53 Mike LaCoss

54 Joel Skinner

55 Darrell Evans

56 Franklin Stubbs

57 Greg Vaughn

58 Keith Miller

59 Ted Power

60 George Brett

61 Deion Sanders

62 Ramon Martinez

63 Mike Pagliarulo

64 Danny Darwin

65 Devon White

66 Greg Litton

67 Scott Sanderson

68 Dave Henderson

69 Todd Frohwirth

70 Mike Greenwell

71 Allan Anderson

72 Jeff Huson RC

73 Bob Milacki

74 Jeff Jackson RC

75 Doug Jones

76 Dave Valle

77 Dave Bergman

78 Mike Flanagan

79 Ron Kittle

80 Jeff Russell

81 Bob Rodgers (MGR)

82 Scott Terry

83 Hensley Meulens

84 Ray Searage

85 Juan Samuel

86 Paul Kilgus

87 Rick Luecken RC

88 Glenn Braggs

89 Clint Zavaras RC

90 Jack Clark

91 Steve Frey RC

92 Mike Stanley

93 Shawn Hillegas

94 Herm Winningham

95 Todd Worrell

96 Jody Reed

97 Curt Schilling

98 Jose Gonzalez

99 Rich Monteleone

100 Will Clark

101 Shane Rawley

102 Stan Javier

103 Marvin Freeman

104 Bob Knepper

105 Randy Myers

106 Charlie O’Brien

107 Fred Lynn

108 Rod Nichols

109 Roberto Kelly

110 Tommy Helms (MGR)

111 Ed Whited RC

112 Glenn Wilson

113 Manuel Lee

114 Mike Bielecki

115 Tony Pena

116 Floyd Bannister

117 Mike Sharperson

118 Erik Hanson

119 Billy Hatcher

120 John Franco

121 Robin Ventura

122 Shawn Abner

123 Rich Gedman

124 Dave Dravecky

125 Kent Hrbek

126 Randy Kramer

127 Mike Devereaux

128 Checklist (#s 1-132)

129 Ron Jones

130 Bert Blyleven

131 Matt Nokes

132 Lance Blankenship

133 Ricky Horton

134 Earl Cunningham RC

135 Dave Magadan

136 Kevin Brown

137 Marty Pevey RC

138 Al Leiter

139 Greg Brock

140 Andre Dawson

141 John Hart

142 Jeff Wetherby (MGR)

143 Rafael Belliard

144 Bud Black

145 Terry Steinbach

146 Rob Richie RC

147 Chuck Finley

148 Edgar Martinez

149 Steve Farr

150 Kirk Gibson

151 Rick Mahler

152 Lonnie Smith

153 Randy Milligan

154 Mike Maddux

155 Ellis Burks

156 Ken Patterson

157 Craig Biggio

158 Craig Lefferts

159 Mike Felder

160 Dave Righetti

161 Harold Reynolds

162 Todd Zeile

163 Phil Bradley

164 Jeff Juden RC

165 Walt Weiss

166 Bobby Witt

167 Kevin Appier

168 Jose Lind

169 Richard Dotson

170 George Bell

171 Russ Nixon (MGR)

172 Tom Lampkin

173 Tim Belcher

174 Jeff Kunkel

175 Mike Moore

176 Luis Quinones

177 Mike Henneman

178 Chris James

179 Brian Holton

180 Rock Raines

181 Juan Agosto

182 Mookie Wilson

183 Steve Lake

184 Danny Cox

185 Ruben Sierra

186 Dave LaPoint

187 Rick Wrona

188 Mike Smithson

189 Dick Schofield

190 Rick Reuschel

191 Pat Borders

192 Don August

193 Andy Benes

194 Glenallen Hill

195 Tim Burke

196 Gerald Young

197 Doug Drabek

198 Mike Marshall

199 Sergio Valdez RC

200 Don Mattingly

201 Cito Gaston (MGR)

202 Mike Macfarlane

203 Mike Roesler RC

204 Bob Dernier

205 Mark Davis

206 Nick Esasky

207 Bob Ojeda

208 Brook Jacoby

209 Greg Mathews

210 Ryne Sandberg

211 John Cerutti

212 Joe Orsulak

213 Scott Bankhead

214 Terry Francona

215 Kirk McCaskill

216 Ricky Jordan

217 Don Robinson

218 Wally Backman

219 Donn Pall

220 Barry Bonds

221 Gary Mielke RC

222 Kurt Stillwell

223 Tommy Gregg

224 Delino DeShields RC

225 Jim Deshaies

226 Mickey Hatcher

227 Kevin Tapani RC

228 Dave Martinez

229 David Wells

230 Keith Hernandez

231 Jack McKeon (MGR)

232 Darnell Coles

233 Ken Hill

234 Mariano Duncan

235 Jeff Reardon

236 Hal Morris

237 Kevin Ritz RC

238 Felix Jose

239 Eric Show

240 Mark Grace

241 Mike Krukow

242 Fred Manrique

243 Barry Jones

244 Bill Schroeder

245 Roger Clemens

246 Jim Eisenreich

247 Jerry Reed

248 Dave Anderson

249 Mike Smith RC

250 Jose Canseco

251 Jeff Blauser

252 Otis Nixon

253 Mark Portugal

254 Francisco Cabrera

255 Bobby Thigpen

256 Marvell Wynne

257 Jose DeLeon

258 Barry Lyons

259 Lance McCullers

260 Eric Davis

261 Whitey Herzog (MGR)

262 Checklist (#s 133-264)

263 Mel Stottlemyre Jr.

264 Bryan Clutterbuck

265 Pete O’Brien

266 German Gonzalez

267 Mark Davidson

268 Rob Murphy

269 Dickie Thon

270 Dave Stewart

271 Chet Lemon

272 Bryan Harvey

273 Bobby Bonilla

274 Mauro Gozzo RC

275 Mickey Tettleton

276 Gary Thurman

277 Lenny Harris

278 Pascual Perez

279 Steve Buechele

280 Lou Whitaker

281 Kevin Bass

282 Derek Lilliquist

283 Albert Belle (Joey)

284 Mark Gardner RC

285 Willie McGee

286 Lee Guetterman

287 Vance Law

288 Greg Briley

289 Norm Charlton

290 Robin Yount

291 Dave Johnson (MGR)

292 Jim Gott

293 Mike Gallego

294 Craig McMurtry

295 Fred McGriff

296 Jeff Ballard

297 Tom Herr

298 Dan Gladden

299 Adam Peterson

300 Bo Jackson

301 Don Aase

302 Marcus Lawton RC

303 Rick Cerone

304 Marty Clary

305 Eddie Murray

306 Tom Niedenfuer

307 Bip Roberts

308 Jose Guzman

309 Eric Yelding RC

310 Steve Bedrosian

311 Dwight Smith

312 Dan Quisenberry

313 Gus Polidor

314 Donald Harris RC

315 Bruce Hurst

316 Carney Lansford

317 Mark Guthrie RC

318 Wallace Johnson

319 Dion James

320 Dave Stieb

321 Joe Morgan (MGR)

322 Junior Ortiz

323 Willie Wilson

324 Pete Harnisch

325 Robby Thompson

326 Tom McCarthy

327 Kenny Williams

328 Curt Young

329 Oddibe McDowell

330 Ron Darling

331 Juan Gonzalez RC

332 Paul O’Neill

333 Bill Wegman

334 Johnny Ray

335 Andy Hawkins

336 Ken Griffey Jr.

337 Lloyd McClendon

338 Dennis Lamp

339 Dave Clark

340 Fernando Valenzuela

341 Tom Foley

342 Alex Trevino

343 Frank Tanana

344 George Canale RC

345 Harold Baines

346 Jim Presley

347 Junior Felix

348 Gary Wayne

349 Steve Finley

350 Bret Saberhagen

351 Roger Craig (MGR)

352 Bryn Smith

353 Sandy Alomar Jr.

354 Stan Belinda RC

355 Marty Barrett

356 Randy Ready

357 David West

358 Andres Thomas

359 Jimmy Jones

360 Paul Molitor

361 Randy McCament RC

362 Damon Berryhill

363 Dan Petry

364 Rolando Roomes

365 Ozzie Guillen

366 Mike Heath

367 Mike Morgan

368 Bill Doran

369 Todd Burns

370 Tim Wallach

371 Jimmy Key

372 Terry Kennedy

373 Alvin Davis

374 Steve Cummings RC

375 Dwight Evans

376 Checklist (#s 265-396)

377 Mickey Weston RC

378 Luis Salazar

379 Steve Rosenberg

380 Dave Winfield

381 Frank Robinson (MGR)

382 Jeff Musselman

383 John Morris

384 Pat Combs

385 Fred McGriff All-Star

386 Julio Franco All-Star

387 Wade Boggs All-Star

388 Cal Ripken Jr. All-Star

389 Robin Yount All-Star

390 Ruben Sierra All-Star

391 Kirby Puckett All-Star

392 Carlton Fisk All-Star

393 Bret Saberhagen All-Star

394 Jeff Ballard All-Star

395 Jeff Russell All-Star

396 A. Bartlett Giamatti Memorial

397 Will Clark All-Star

398 Ryne Sandberg All-Star

399 Howard Johnson All-Star

400 Ozzie Smith All-Star

401 Kevin Mitchell All-Star

402 Eric Davis All-Star

403 Tony Gwynn All-Star

404 Craig Biggio All-Star

405 Mike Scott All-Star

406 Joe Magrane All-Star

407 Mark Davis All-Star

408 Trevor Wilson

409 Tom Brunansky

410 Joe Boever

411 Ken Phelps

412 Jamie Moyer

413 Brian DuBois RC

414 Frank Thomas RC

415 Shawon Dunston

416 Dave Wayne Johnson RC

417 Jim Gantner

418 Tom Browning

419 Beau Allred RC

420 Carlton Fisk

421 Greg Minton

422 Pat Sheridan

423 Freddie Toliver

424 Jerry Reuss

425 Bill Landrum

426 Jeff Hamilton

427 Carmen Castillo

428 Steve Davis RC

429 Tom Kelly (MGR)

430 Pete Incaviglia

431 Randy Johnson

432 Damaso Garcia

433 Steve Olin RC

434 Mark Carreon

435 Kevin Seitzer

436 Mel Hall

437 Les Lancaster

438 Greg Myers

439 Jeff Parrett

440 Alan Trammell

441 Bob Kipper

442 Jerry Browne

443 Cris Carpenter

444 Kyle Abbott RC

445 Danny Jackson

446 Dan Pasqua

447 Atlee Hammaker

448 Greg Gagne

449 Dennis Rasmussen

450 Rickey Henderson

451 Mark Lemke

452 Luis De Los Santos

453 Jody Davis

454 Jeff King

455 Jeffrey Leonard

456 Chris Gwynn

457 Gregg Jefferies

458 Bob McClure

459 Jim Lefebvre (MGR)

460 Mike Scott

461 Carlos Martinez

462 Denny Walling

463 Drew Hall

464 Jerome Walton

465 Kevin Gross

466 Rance Mulliniks

467 Juan Nieves

468 Billy Ripken

469 John Kruk

470 Frank Viola

471 Mike Brumley

472 Jose Uribe

473 Joe Price

474 Rich Thompson

475 Bob Welch

476 Brad Komminsk

477 Willie Fraser

478 Mike LaValliere

479 Frank White

480 Sid Fernandez

481 Garry Templeton

482 Steve Carter

483 Alejandro Pena

484 Mike Fitzgerald

485 John Candelaria

486 Jeff Treadway

487 Steve Searcy

488 Ken Oberkfell

489 Nick Leyva (MGR)

490 Dan Plesac

491 Dave Cochrane RC

492 Ron Oester

493 Jason Grimsley RC

494 Terry Puhl

495 Lee Smith

496 Cecil Espy

497 Dave Schmidt

498 Rick Schu

499 Bill Long

500 Kevin Mitchell

501 Matt Young

502 Mitch Webster

503 Randy St. Claire

504 Tom O’Malley

505 Kelly Gruber

506 Tom Glavine

507 Gary Redus

508 Terry Leach

509 Tom Pagnozzi

510 Dwight Gooden

511 Clay Parker

512 Gary Pettis

513 Mark Eichhorn

514 Andy Allanson

515 Lenny Dykstra

516 Tim Leary

517 Roberto Alomar

518 Bill Krueger

519 Bucky Dent (MGR)

520 Mitch Williams

521 Craig Worthington

522 Mike Dunne

523 Jay Bell

524 Daryl Boston

525 Wally Joyner

526 Checklist (#s 397-528)

527 Ron Hassey

528 Kevin Wickander

529 Greg A. Harris

530 Mark Langston

531 Ken Caminiti

532 Cecilio Guante

533 Tim Jones

534 Louie Meadows

535 John Smoltz

536 Bob Geren

537 Mark Grant

538 Bill Spiers

539 Neal Heaton

540 Danny Tartabull

541 Pat Perry

542 Darren Daulton

543 Nelson Liriano

544 Dennis Boyd (Oil Can)

545 Kevin McReynolds

546 Kevin Hickey

547 Jack Howell

548 Pat Clements

549 Don Zimmer (MGR)

550 Julio Franco

551 Tim Crews

552 Mike Smith RC

553 Scott Scudder

554 Jay Buhner

555 Jack Morris

556 Gene Larkin

557 Jeff Innis RC

558 Rafael Ramirez

559 Andy McGaffigan

560 Steve Sax

561 Ken Dayley

562 Chad Kreuter

563 Alex Sanchez

564 Tyler Houston RC

565 Scott Fletcher

566 Mark Knudson

567 Ron Gant

568 John Smiley

569 Ivan Calderon

570 Cal Ripken Jr.

571 Brett Butler

572 Greg Harris

573 Danny Heep

574 Bill Swift

575 Lance Parrish

576 Mike Dyer RC

577 Charlie Hayes

578 Joe Magrane

579 Art Howe (MGR)

580 Joe Carter

581 Ken Griffey Sr.

582 Rick Honeycutt

583 Bruce Benedict

584 Phil Stephenson

585 Kal Daniels

586 Edwin Nunez

587 Lance Johnson

588 Rick Rhoden

589 Mike Aldrete

590 Ozzie Smith

591 Todd Stottlemyre

592 R.J. Reynolds

593 Scott Bradley

594 Luis Sojo RC

595 Greg Swindell

596 Jose DeJesus

597 Chris Bosio

598 Brady Anderson

599 Frank Williams

600 Darryl Strawberry

601 Luis Rivera

602 Scott Garrelts

603 Tony Armas

604 Ron Robinson

605 Mike Scioscia

606 Storm Davis

607 Steve Jeltz

608 Eric Anthony RC

609 Sparky Anderson (MGR)

610 Pedro Guerrero

611 Walt Terrell

612 Dave Gallagher

613 Jeff Pico

614 Nelson Santovenia

615 Rob Deer

616 Brian Holman

617 Geronimo Berroa

618 Ed Whitson

619 Rob Ducey

620 Tony Castillo

621 Melido Perez

622 Sid Bream

623 Jim Corsi

624 Darrin Jackson

625 Roger McDowell

626 Bob Melvin

627 Jose Rijo

628 Candy Maldonado

629 Eric Hetzel

630 Gary Gaetti

631 John Wetteland

632 Scott Lusader

633 Dennis Cook

634 Luis Polonia

635 Brian Downing

636 Jesse Orosco

637 Craig Reynolds

638 Jeff Montgomery

639 Tony LaRussa (MGR)

640 Rick Sutcliffe

641 Doug Strange RC

642 Jack Armstrong

643 Alfredo Griffin

644 Paul Assenmacher

645 Jose Oquendo

646 Checklist (#s 529-660)

647 Rex Hudler

648 Jim Clancy

649 Dan Murphy RC

650 Mike Witt

651 Rafael Santana

652 Mike Boddicker

653 John Moses

654 Paul Coleman RC

655 Gregg Olson

656 Mackey Sasser

657 Terry Mulholland

658 Donell Nixon

659 Greg Cadaret

660 Vince Coleman

661 Dick Howser (TBTC)

662 Mike Schmidt (TBTC)

663 Fred Lynn (TBTC)

664 Johnny Bench (TBTC)

665 Sandy Koufax (TBTC)

666 Brian Fisher

667 Curtis Wilkerson

668 Joe Oliver

669 Tommy Lasorda (MGR)

670 Dennis Eckersley

671 Bob Boone

672 Roy Smith

673 Joey Meyer

674 Spike Owen

675 Jim Abbott

676 Randy Kutcher

677 Jay Tibbs

678 Kirt Manwaring

679 Gary Ward

680 Howard Johnson

681 Mike Schooler

682 Dann Bilardello

683 Kenny Rogers

684 Julio Machado RC

685 Tony Fernandez

686 Carmelo Martinez

687 Tim Birtsas

688 Milt Thompson

689 Rich Yett

690 Mark McGwire

691 Chuck Cary

692 Sammy Sosa RC

693 Calvin Schiraldi

694 Mike Stanton RC

695 Tom Henke

696 B.J. Surhoff

697 Mike Davis

698 Omar Vizquel

699 Jim Leyland (MGR)

700 Kirby Puckett

701 Bernie Williams RC

702 Tony Phillips

703 Jeff Brantley

704 Chip Hale RC

705 Claudell Washington

706 Geno Petralli

707 Luis Aquino

708 Larry Sheets

709 Juan Berenguer

710 Von Hayes

711 Rick Aguilera

712 Todd Benzinger

713 Tim Drummond RC

714 Marquis Grissom RC

715 Greg Maddux

716 Steve Balboni

717 Ron Karkovice

718 Gary Sheffield

719 Wally Whitehurst

720 Andres Galarraga

721 Lee Mazzilli

722 Felix Fermin

723 Jeff D. Robinson

724 Juan Bell

725 Terry Pendleton

726 Gene Nelson

727 Pat Tabler

728 Jim Acker

729 Bobby Valentine (MGR)

730 Tony Gwynn

731 Don Carman

732 Ernest Riles

733 John Dopson

734 Kevin Elster

735 Charlie Hough

736 Rick Dempsey

737 Chris Sabo

738 Gene Harris

739 Dale Sveum

740 Jesse Barfield

741 Steve Wilson

742 Ernie Whitt

743 Tom Candiotti

744 Kelly Mann RC

745 Hubie Brooks

746 Dave Smith

747 Randy Bush

748 Doyle Alexander

749 Mark Parent

750 Dale Murphy

751 Steve Lyons

752 Tom Gordon

753 Chris Speier

754 Bob Walk

755 Rafael Palmeiro

756 Ken Howell

757 Larry Walker RC

758 Mark Thurmond

759 Tom Trebelhorn (MGR)

760 Wade Boggs

761 Mike Jackson

762 Doug Dascenzo

763 Dennis Martinez

764 Tim Teufel

765 Chili Davis

766 Brian Meyer

767 Tracy Jones

768 Chuck Crim

769 Greg Hibbard RC

770 Cory Snyder

771 Pete Smith

772 Jeff Reed

773 Dave Leiper

774 Ben McDonald RC

775 Andy Van Slyke

776 Charlie Leibrandt

777 Tim Laudner

778 Mike Jeffcoat

779 Lloyd Moseby

780 Orel Hershiser

781 Mario Diaz

782 Jose Alvarez

783 Checklist (#661-792)

784 Scott Bailes

785 Jim Rice

786 Eric King

787 Rene Gonzales

788 Frank DiPino

789 John Wathan (MGR)

790 Gary Carter

791 Alvaro Espinoza

792 Gerald Perry