Unless you plan to turn your baseball man cave into a perpetual seventh-inning stretch, you’re going to need to equip the place with at least one baseball chair.

Luckily, there are all sorts of choices, from the ridiculous to the sublime, at least in a diamond sense.

So, here to get your creative sitting juices flowing, are ten great baseball chairs suitable for a wide variety of tastes.

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Flash Furniture Baseball Swivel Task Office Chair

The structural design of this chair may be simple, and you just might roll into next week if you get carried away when your hometown hero hits a big home run. But you really can’t go wrong with a baseball chair that’s actually a baseball twice over, right?

baseball chairbaseball chair

Crown Mark Baseball Glove Chair/Ottoman

This baseball glove chair and baseball ottoman may technically be designed for use in a kid’s room, but, come on — you know you want this thing in your fan cave! Just turn on the game, sink into that thick padding, and let the years melt away.

baseball chairbaseball chair

Ambesonne Sports Office Chair Slipcover

OK, so maybe you can’t always have a baseball chair in your office (though lord knows why not). But now you can at least cover your office chair with baseballs. Consider this one the sitting equivalent of a baseball poster.

baseball chairbaseball chair

XLYAN Baseball All-Star Chair and Ottoman

Another ball-and-glove dealio ostensibly made for a kid’s room, this one would fit well in any man cave focused on darker decor. And if you get any pushback from other members of your household, well, you can always claim the new furniture is merely an enticement to get the youngin’s involved in your diamond interests.

baseball chairbaseball chair

Rawlings MLB Gameday Elite Chair (All Team Options)

Right. This is a fold-up, game-day, parade-watching, out-on-the-lawn chair, not something intended to be carted into your man cave right alongside your big-screen TV. But this little chair blazes with team colors and is super portable, so you can move all around to get the best possible view of the game. Yeah, it belongs.

baseball chair

Brazil Furniture Children’s Button Back Recliner, Sports

OK, this chair isn’t solely focused on baseball, and its diminutive size might make it a tough fit for some of your biggest guests. But it’s colorful and festive and comes in a variety of sports prints, and you can always let your baseball-themed Cabbage Patch Kid have this seat of honor.

baseball chair

Toy Mini Baseball Armchair

Yes, yet another entry made for kids, but how many chairs have you owned — or even seen — that close up courtesy of a cushion-flavored lid? And this one doesn’t merely close up — it forms a giant white baseball with red “seams.” Heck, even if it’s too small for any of the denizens of your fan cave, stick it in a corner and let your guests marvel at your giant baseball.

baseball chairbaseball chair

Costzon Kids Couch – aka, the Big Ol’ Glove Chair

What a cute baseball glove look!

Designed as a children’s baseball-glove-shaped sofa, this fun item also makes for a pretty comfy chair. And, no matter what you call it or how you try to use it, the visual impact of a huge baseball glove plopped down in your home is tough to beat.

baseball chair

Heritage Kids Figural Foam Chair Sports

This chair really is made for kids, and the average adult might be hard-pressed to fit a foot in it. But it’s still heavily baseball-themed and would make a good display piece to hold and accentuate other fun baseball items like stuffed mascots, team hats, or even a favorite slabbed baseball card.

baseball chairchair

Baseball Bat Bar Stool

Imagine how surprised your friends will be when they see these unique bar stools next to your sports bar area! Made with 4 natural wooden baseball bats and an actual foam filled baseball base…these unique stools are both sturdy and comfortable. A full 30″ tall and solidly built to withstand years of use.

baseball chair

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