If you’ve never considered building out a baseball man cave — or she shed or dog den or kat kennel or whatever fits your situation — then you may be missing out on a golden opportunity to glean even more enjoyment from your collection.

After all, most of us card collectors have hundreds or thousands of cards stashed away in in boxes and closets, under beds, stuffed in attic corners, or even locked away in safe deposit boxes. But just having those cards isn’t what made us love them in the first place, right?

Nah, it was holding our cards, and shuffling them, and ogling the stats on their backsides, and just being in their presence, where we could see them, that really got us hooked on this hobby.

So, why not bring those beauties out of the dark and let them shine in our day-to-day lives once again?

If you have the space and/or a bit of imagination, a well-crafted fan cave can provide the perfect vehicle for accomplishing just that. Our article on building a sports man cave runs down all of the practical considerations you’ll need to tackle as you undertake this new endeavor, but once you have those basics in place, it’s time to get specific.

And, in the case of crafting a diamond shrine you can be proud of, that means narrowing down your theme and then picking your goodies.

Here, then are just a few ideas for helping you build out your perfect baseball man cave.

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Pick a Theme for Your Baseball Man Cave

We covered this a bit in our overview post, but now is the time to get specific.

Will your special space focus on a team? A player? A specific season or era?

Choose wisely here, as your area of focus will inform the items you bring into your man cave. But also don’t obsess over making a perfect choice, because you can always adjust course along the way.

Since this is Wax Pack Gods, I’d be remiss to *not* mention that one option would be to focus on the hobby itself as much or moreso than some of the more typical and mundane sports angles. Wouldn’t it be cool, for example, to have a wall full of old Beckett Baseball Monthly Magazines?


Get Your Baseball Cards Ready

Building on the idea of a hobby-themed baseball man cave, you’ll surely have to narrow down which pasteboards make the cut and how you’ll display them.

Let your imagination run wild here as you brainstorm …

Will you paper one or more walls with commons from a favorite set?

Will you laminate a team set to make a snazzy tabletop?

Will you invest in some fancy wall-hanging frames for your top-dollar cards?

Or maybe you’ll go cardboard-rustic-chic and build some furniture out of your monster and 800-count boxes.

The world — or at least the cave — is your oyster.

And now, some non-card items that will help make your special space even more special, not mention functional …

Baseball Chair

You gotta have some place to sit, right? I mean, baseball is a game that invites you to take your time, sit back and stay awhile. Strike up a bull session with your buddies or the fans in the next section who might become your buddies over the course of a few innings.

And you can’t really do that standing up, at least not the whole time, right?


So you need some baseball chairs for your baseball man cave, and those could take any number of forms, like:

  • Wooden chairs painted to a baseball theme
  • Chairs made out of baseball bats or balls
  • Chairs with baseball cards or photos laminated into the seats
  • Stadium seats brought home for your personal pleasure.

And, of course, there’s the baseball chair of all baseball chairs — the baseball glove chair!

Baseball Posters

You’re a collector, so it’s almost a given that your walls will be covered to some extent by baseball cards. But it can be tough to paper the whole room or nook with nothing but those diminutive pasteboards, so you might need some help covering bigger swaths of drywall real estate.

Or you might just want a break from the cognitive overload of having thousands of baseball cards greet you from every corner.

Enter baseball posters, favorite wall damagers of boys through the ages. From those old Topps fold-ups to the Sports Illustrated numbers with thick white borders from the 1970s to today’s wall-sized murals, there’s a baseball poster (or a few) to suit every taste.

And every baseball man cave.

Baseball Table

This one lines right up with “baseball chairs” as a functional near-necessity for your dugout. While you might be able to make do with some recliners that offer cup holders in their armrests for your snack and beverage needs, there will probably come a time when you need a bit more solid table space.

As with chairs, there are all sorts of configurations your baseball tables could take:

  • End tables made from baseball equipment
  • Coffee tables (affiliate link) that showcase cards or photos under glass
  • A pool table with a baseball motif
  • A card table with a baseball diamond layered into its surface.

Let your imagination run wild!

Baseball Banners to Finish Off Your Baseball Man Cave

Like posters, baseball banners offer the advantage of covering a lot of real estate in one swath.

And banners give you the chance to really fire up the team colors in a wide variety of formats: tall and skinny, short and wide, tall and wide, pennants, flags, etc., etc., etc.