There may be no better way to celebrate being a sports fan than building out your own football man cave.

After all, while baseball, basketball, and hockey all have their (considerable) charms, and while each of them invites us to follow in the day-to-day soap opera of sport, none of them can compare to football when it comes to making each and every game an event unto itself.

And you can’t really have a proper event without an arena that’s up to the task, right?


Enter the football man cave, not only a refuge to get away from the world for awhile, but also the perfect place to turn every game day into party central.

We’ve already laid out the basics you need to have in place to put together a fan cave of any stripe, and you can read all about that in our guide to building a sports man cave.

Once you’ve got the gist of the game, read on to find out the major components of building your own perfect football man cave.

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Football Cards

You’re a collector, right?

I mean, that much is a near certainty considering you’ve landed here in this wax-ridddled space.

And, since you’re a collector, you’ve probably got hundreds or thousands of football cards stuffed away in closets and boxes and attics and freezers and anywhere else you can store them reasonably safely. But your beloved cardboard swaths deserve more than to be “stuffed” anywhere.

So your football man cave gives you the perfect venue for finally bringing your collection into the light, and for sharing a bit more quality time with your favorite pasteboards.

So …

Cover a wall with old commons (affiliate link).

Top a table with a team set.

Frame some of your prizes and hang them on the wall.

Stand a few up on your books shelf.

Just remember — your footballl cards and your football man cave go together like Payton and Suhey.

Football Table

As great as they are, you can’t just stand around and look at your football cards all day long.

No, siree!

You need a place to spread those babies out … to sort them … to match them up with the players on your big screen.

And, oh yeah, you’re probably going want a place to rest your drinks and vittles, too.

That’s where a football-themed table — or a few of them — comes into play.

Right up there with your seating and the television itself in terms of importance, picking the right table for your space can make or break your football man cave.

Football Posters

And also, as great as they are, you probably can’t cover your entire fan cave with football cards.

For one thing, that would take a lot of cards.

And, for another, having all those thousands of tiny cardboard dudes swirling around your head could make you as dizzy as a quarterback after a “visit” from LT.

Luckily, you can fill in the gaps — literally and figuratively — with football posters, ranging from single players to teams to even trophies and mascots.

Let your imagination run wild!

Football Chair

The perfect football chair is the one that keeps you comfortable for hours on end and that can help you keep your snacks and beverages nearby at all times.

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to picking a seat that fits those parameters, but the field dwindles quickly if you really want to make your football man cave festive.

But those few do offer up some doozies, most of which actually incorporate the football itself into the design — desk chairs, recliners, overstuffed side chairs, and even high chairs.

You know, for those times your fan cave gets raided by the younger set.

Football Lamp

Sure, the tube itself throws off a lot of light, and that may be all you need while the game is on.

But if you want a better look at your snacks or to keep an eye on what ol’ Timmy is up to in the corner, you need some actual lights in your man cave.

And these days, there’s no excuse not to have at least one football lamp in your lighting mix.

These run the gamut from football-shaped shades, to team-themed lights of all shapes and sizes, to (gasp!) levitating, illuminated helmets and balls. Pretty much if you can imagine it, you can light your dude den with it.

Football Banner

Even with your favorite football cards and posters hard at work in your football man cave, there may still be parts of your walls that you need to cover a bit better. They’re pretty modest, after all.

Or, maybe you just want a solid splash of color or a large-scale look at your team logo.

Whatever the case, football banners can fit the bill, and they come in all sorts fo size and shapes, from pennants to scrolls to murals to flags.