The New York Mets have appeared in five World Series: 1969, 1973, 1986, 2000, 2015. Among those Fall Classics, the Mets won championships in 1969 and in 1986.

Here are the details about each of those Mets teams and the World Series they appeared in.

1969 World Series – New York Mets over Baltimore Orioles (4 games to 1)

The Mets were the laughingstock of baseball for the first seven years of  their existence,which wasn’t a complete surprise. They sprung up from nothing  as an expansion team in 1962, after all. Led my manager Gil Hodges in 1969, though the Miracle Mets shocked the worldto win the first-ever National League East division crown before taking down the Atlanta Braves in the first National League Championship Series, three games to none.

The relatively easy romp over the always-stout Baltimore Orioles in the World Series just added icing to the “amazing” miracle run.

1973 World Series – Oakland A’s over New York Mets (4 games to 3)

The 1973 Mets were maybe the worst division winner in baseball history, posting a meh 82-79 record in the regular season. They then somehow outlasted a legendary Cincinnati Reds team in a tough five-game NLCS. They gave the Oakland A’s all they could handle in the World Series, too, pushing the defending champs to the full seven games before losing the final game of the Fall Classic by a 5-2 margin.

1986 World Series – New York Mets over Boston Red Sox (4 games to 3)

The 1986 New York Mets had the most star-studded roster in the game, riding standout seasons from Dwight Gooden, Darryl Strawberry, Gary Carter, Keith Hernandez, and many others to a sparkling 108-54 record. They followed up a tough six-game win over the Houston Astros in the NLCS with a thrilling comeback victory in the World Series. That Fall Classic, of course, featured one of the most infamous plays in baseball history as the Mets teetered at death’s doorstep before Bill Buckner misplayed a grounder in the bottom of the tenth inning in game 6.

2000 World Series – New York Yankees over New York Mets (4 games to 1)

The 2000 Mets made it to October by virtue of a Wild Card slot, then dispatched the San Francisco Giants (3-1) and the St. Louis Cardinals (4-1) to set up the first Subway Series since 1956. The 2000 Mets looked like the old Brooklyn Dodgers in the World Series, though, as the mighty New York Yankees toppled their crosstown rivals, four games to one, to win their third straight World Series.

2015 World Series – Kansas City Royals over New York Mets (4 games to 1)

While the small-market Royals and lovable-loser Cubs were the sentimental favorites heading into October in 2015, the Mets squeaked out a tough five-game National League Division Series win over the Dodgers before sweeping those Cubbies in the NLCS. New York couldn’t overcome the K.C. surge, though, as the Royals handled them with relative ease to win the World Series.

Other Postseason Appearances

Besides those five World Series appearances, the New York Mets have made it to the playoffs four other times. Here is a high-level look at those seasons:

  • 1988 – The Mets won the NL East and then lost the NLCS in seven games to the Dodgers.
  • 1999 – New York made the playoffs as a Wild Card, then beat the Arizona Diamondbacks, three games to one, in the NLDS. The Braves ended their season, though, with a 4-games-to-1 drubbing in the NLCS.
  • 2006 – The Mets tied with the Yankees for the best record in baseball (97-65) and swept the Dodgers in the NLDS before falling to the St. Louis Cardinals in seven games in the NLCS.
  • 2016 – As in 2015, the Mets made the October cut as a Wild Card. This time around, they lost a one-game play-in to the San Francisco Giants.