If you watch baseball, you may have noticed that almost all baseball players chew gum throughout the game. More interestingly, you might have noticed that the dugouts have giant tubs of bubble gum for players to pull from. So why do baseball players chew gum?

1. It is a Substitute for Chewing Tobacco

For the longest time, chewing tobacco has been a major issue, especially for baseball players. At first, most people believed that chewing tobacco was better and healthier than smoking cigarettes. However, as time went by, the habit proved costly as more people started to experience its adverse health effects. As an alternative to chewing tobacco, medical experts advised baseball players to chew gum.

Even though chewing gum is not a permanent solution for players addicted to chewing tobacco, it gives them a temporary relief to help them play and compete professionally.

2. Chewing Gum Prevents Dry Mouth

Considering that baseball is an outdoor game, it is possible that the players’ mouths can sometimes run dry due to the dust and heat from the sun. Fortunately, there are some specific chewing gums designed to eliminate dry mouth for baseball players. The players use these chewing gums to keep their mouth from running dry.

3. Chewing Gum Reduces Tension

Baseball is a game that requires high concentration levels. As a player, you have to time correctly for better results. Even though most people think baseball is a slow sport, the players need to be focused enough when the action begins. When the action begins, it is so fast. Most baseball players find chewing gum as a way of relieving tension and staying focused.

4. Do Away with the Taste of Dirt

With modern day baseball, the fields are well maintained. They are nicely kept and moisturized to provide a perfect setting for players to give their all. However, it is still possible that dirt can find its way to a player’s mouth. When a player dives face-first or slides to catch a ball, dirt might get in his mouth. To remove this awful taste, most players prefer to chew gum.

5. Chewing Gum for Fun

Just like most people in the world, baseball players can chew gum for fun. There is no rule that restricts players from chewing gum when playing. The players on the bench can also chew gum as they await their opportunity to influence the game directly.

6. The Chewing Gum Superstition

Some baseball players chew gum for superstition reasons. For instance, Aaron Judge, who plays for the Yankees, chews two pieces of sugar-free bubble game throughout the game. The players believe that chewing gum can determine whether they will have a good game or otherwise.


It is not a surprise to see baseball players chew gum. Different players do it for different reasons. Most of them believe chewing gum can help reduce tension, use it as a substitute for chewing tobacco and some simply do it for superstition reasons. In any case, there is no rule against chewing gum when playing baseball so some players just chew gum for the fun of it.

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