The Atlanta Braves have won the most division titles in MLB history, with 22 crowns through the 2022 season.

The Braves’ mark also represents the National League record.

The most division titles in the American League belong to the New York Yankees, who have won 20 crowns since divisional play began in 1969. The Los Angeles Dodgers have also won 20 division titles, placing them second in the N.L. record books, behind the Braves.

Here is a compete rundown of the number of division title won by each MLB franchise:

The Expos, of course, moved to Washington and became the Nationals after the 2004 season. They’re listed separately here because of that move, and because they didn’t win a division title outright. Their lone crown came as a result of the split 1981 season (due to The Strike) and the first-ever National League Division Series.