Baseball card collectors come in all shapes and sizes. We span all age ranges and fill the demographic spectrum.

Our tastes in cards range from the absurd to the sublime, from the ancient to the super modern, with everything in between.

But, for all our differences, all of us card collectors have one thing in common: a deep and abiding love for this crazy cardboard hobby of ours!

And, if there’s one other thing we all seem to love, it’s gathering to talk about our cards … to trade our cards … to buy and sell our cards … to wallow in a bit of wax-pack camaraderie for awhile

Those gatherings come in all sorts of different forms and are carried out through countless different venues, too, so why not use some of our digital space here at Wax Pack Gods for a virtual meet-up, too?

No reason at all.

Considert this page, then, your starting point for digging into the hobby and for finding ways to connect with your fellow baseball card collectors.

Let’s start with talking about …

Baseball Card Collectors Near Me

Back in the pre-internet days of the hobby, finding collectors near you pretty much came to lugging some cards to school and see who showed up for a recess trading session. Occasionally, you might get to go to a somewhat local card shop or card show, and if you were lucky, you’d find a pal you clicked with from a hobby standpoint.

Today, though, our options for finding fellow collectors to kibitz with are limited only by your imagination. Just about every social media outlet serves a thriving collector community where you can find like-minded hobbyists, and some of them likely live near you.

But even if you can’t find many local collectors, that’s hardly a deterrent these days — you can always just chat online, exchange emails, post in common Facebook groups, even meet up via Zoom, Slack , or other similar apps.

(Twitter is a great collector community, for example.)

Of course, you can still go more old-school and head out to find …

Baseball Card Shops Near Me

Baseball card shops have always been *the* social centers for local hobbyists to connect. And, though the local card shop sort of took it on the chin during the early days of the modern hobby boom as online trading exploded, they’ve experienced a renaissance over the last several years.

Wondering just how to go about finding baseball card shops near you?

We’ve got you covered with our complete guide, titled (surprise!), Sports Card Shops Near Me? Find Them Here!

Speaking of which, that post starts to answer another query that a lot of collectors have …

Where to Sell Baseball Cards

At some point, almost every collector reaches the point where they’re ready to sell come cards.

Maybe you’ve accumulated a bunch of doubles and exhausted your trade opportunities.

Or maybe you’re ready to downsize a bit — a hobby friend of mine calls it “thinning the herd.”

Or, maybe you’ve made some good buys over the years and want to pull in some profits from your shrewd choices.

No matter what your motivation, you’ll no doubt have questions about how to sell your baseball cards. You can read our complete guide right here, or jump straight to the nitty gritty on the best places to sell baseball cards.

You can be sure local card shops play into that equation, and you can also be sure that the selling journey will add an interesting chapter or three to your collecting story.

And, speaking of collector stories, let’s finish up our virtual meet-up here with a few.

Baseball Card Collectors … the Stories!

Over the lifetime of this website, we’ve met quite a few fellow collectors, and some of them were kind enough to leave us with some thoughts on the hobby, in their own words.

Here are those stories from the trenches, from baseball card collectors just like you … at least in some ways. And, if you’d like to tell your own story in this space, just let me know, and we’ll get it rolling.

Enjoy the reads!

And a bonus look at some famous baseball card collections …