Collecting baseball cards may never bring the riches that many envisioned during the boom years of the 1980s and 1990s, but there are still thousands of hobbyists who can’t get enough of the wax- or mylar-packed goodies, whether new or vintage.

And, thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever to find pictures of even the most fabled cards in the hobby, which takes some of the pain out of knowing that you probably won’t ever own and actual T-206 Honus Wagner rarity.

As the net buzz around baseball cards — and other sports cards and collectibles — has grown over then last two decades, so too has the number of sites to help you get your collecting jollies. In fact, it can be downright confusing to keep track of all the options out there, but we have hand-selected more than 460 baseball card websites to help you love your collection even more than you already do.

And if you’re not a baseball card collector? Don’t worry too much, because there are plenty of football, basketball, and hockey sites sprinkled into the mix.

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Here is the complete list, broken into 16 categories so you can pick where you want to spend your hobby reading time.

(Note: Descriptions provided by the sites themselves, where available.)




Hobby News and Commentary

The sports card hobby is in a state of constant flux thanks to a never-ending parade of new releases, new discoveries about “old” releases, and on-field developments that shape the market. To keep up with this flurry of activities, collectors turn to the sites below, which feature a solid mix of news stories, op ed pieces, and good, old-fashioned blog posts on various aspects of the hobby, from vintage to modern.

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  • Beckett Online Sports Cards Price Guide – Beckett collectibles marketplace is one stop shop for all sports & non sports card
  • Collectors Weekly – Browse, research, and explore the world of antiques, vintage, memorabilia, and collecting.
  • Sports Collectors Daily – Sports collecting news and features. Original content centered on modern and vintage sports cards and collectibles. Links to items for sale.
  • Sports Collectors Digest
  • Tuff Stuff – Tuff Stuff is an industry-leading monthly magazine and resource for sports collector memorabilia, sports card values and price guides!

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Price Guides and Auction Reports

“What’s my card worth?” It’s been the most common question among baseball card collectors for decades now, ever since we discovered that our cards might be worth something.  While the answer to that question is dependent on many factors — condition, season, market size, etc. — it’s always helpful to have guides that aggregate market trends or auction results, and that’s where these sites shine.

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Reference Sites

For veteran collectors, maybe the most amazing aspect of the Internet is the ability it affords to find information about any set we can imagine. If we wanted to learn about Trans-o-gram statues and cards 20 years ago, we were left to scour through one of the yearly catalogs published by SCD or Beckett, or to consult our local dealers. Now, no matter what the topic, we can just bang out a few keystrokes, and the answer appears on our screens, courtesy of sites like these:

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From the earliest days of the hobby, collectors have gathered to talk about baseball cards. In the beginning, there were mailing lists pulled together by scrappy hobbyists who couldn’t get enough information. Those lists led naturally to regional groups and, eventually, to in-person meet-ups at card shows during the 1970s and 1980s. The convention circuit may not be quite as fruitful now as it was 30 years ago, but collectors are finding each other online in numbers that our old networks could never have supported. Here are some of the forums helping us stay connected like never before.

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The baseball card blogosphere is loaded with collectors who love to talk about their own cards, cards they had as kids, cards they wish they had, phantom cards, mocked-up cards, and maybe cards they dream about. Many of these folks congregate in blogging communities like Blogspot, Tumblr, and, and their posting habits run the gamut from daily musings to once-a-year-drop-ins. Most of the sites in the list below are “niched-down” and focus on a very narrow swath of the hobby, and some of them haven’t been active in years, but all of them have something to offer if collecting and nostalgia are your game.

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Set Blogs

Over the last several years, a new niche of baseball card site has emerged: the set blog. A set blog generally follows a collector through building one particular issue of baseball cards. Other times, the blogger, writes about cards — sometimes all of them — in the chosen set, relating amusing anecdotes or connecting them to other baseball news or memories. Whatever form the set blog takes, it’s always a treat for readers to be able to dig deep into the particulars of a single issue.

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Topps 1971 Team Chicago Cubs


Team-Based Blogs

Few allegiances in life are stronger than that of the hardcore baseball fan for his favorite team. So it’s only natural that baseball card collectors would focus at least part of our hobby efforts on our the clubs we follow … and some of us write about it! That’s exactly what the bloggers below have done, giving us the beast team-based baseball card blogs.

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Player-Based Blogs

All of us have a favorite player, and sometimes that passion is strong enough that we devote a large part of our collecting efforts to acquiring his cards. These bloggers have taken that devotion one step further and are sharing their favorites with the world.

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Box and Case Breakers

There is nothing in the world quite like cracking open a wax pack of baseball cards, or a box or case of the latest hot issue. After all, this is how most of us got started in the hobby in the first place, and, aside from the chance to pull a great find, it’s hard to beat the nostalgic hit of a pack of cards. It’s not surprising, then, that “breaking” has emerged as a niche among card collectors seeking to reap the vicarious thrills of wax-pack treasure hunting, and these sites are some of the most popular in the genre.

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Marketplace Sites

Once upon a time, hobbyists would meet up in the lobby of sports card shows to buy, sell, and trade their cards to build up their collections. In fact, many dealers lamented the fact that, at some shows, most of the transactions took place outside the showroom rather than inside. Today, the Internet makes it easier than ever to find the cards you need and the collectors who have them, and the sites below have developed into modern versions of the show-front marketplace.

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  • Check Out My Baseball Cards, Comics & Collectibles – Buy and sell baseball, football, basketball, and hockey cards online with COMC. Order from multiple sellers, but pay shipping one time! Find rookie cards, memorabilia, autographed cards, vintage, modern, and more on COMC.
  • Sports Card Direct – Buy and Sell Sports Cards at the International Online Classifieds Section for Sports Cards Enthusiasts
  • Sports Card Fun – Baseball Cards, Football Cards, Hockey Cards, Basketball Cards,Sportscards
  • Sports Lots – Buy and Sell Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey Trading cards. Choose from over 46 million cards in fixed priced or auction selling formats.
  • The Pit – Sports Stock Exchange – Trade sports stars like stocks

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Auction Houses

As it became clear that the new cards we all drooled over in the 1980s and 1990s were mass-produced to the extent that they were virtually worthless as soon as we opened the packs, and sometimes before, collectors began turning their attention to vintage material and serial-numbered, graded, or authenticated newer cards. Auction houses, which already had a strong foothold in the hobby, offered collectors and sellers alike a trusted place to buy and sell these “best of the best” items, and the hobby turned to them both for mind-blowing offerings and as a barometer of the high-end market. Here are some of today’s best auction houses.

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Grading Services

As the hobby has moved further and further from the “junk wax” days of the late 1980s and early 1990s, collectors have increasingly placed a premium on scarcity, authenticity, and condition. This maturation has made grading and authentication services more important than ever, and the grading companies have become invaluable resources in judging the relative scarcity and value of our cards. Many of these companies maintain informative and entertaining websites, such as those listed here.

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Retail Sites

In the “old” days — prior to the Internet — collectors bought their cards at the local department store, at card shops and shows, and, very occasionally, through mail-order catalogs and ads. As the hobby has changed over the last couple of decades, though, so have the avenues we’ve used to build our collections. Now, the lion’s share of all card transactions happen online, and retail sites like the ones below are the lifeblood of the the hobby for many collectors. If you buy baseball cards online, then you need to check these out.

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  • 1,000,000 Baseball Cards – My page to display my sports cards, my inventory list, and my wantlist to other sports card collectors.
  • 707 Sportscards – 707 Sportscards – One of the largest buyers and sellers of old baseball cards, PSA Graded Cards, and Allstate Display Cases
  • AD Sports Cards Etc: Baseball Cards Football Cards Ultra Pro Supplies –  Baseball, basketball, football and hockey sports card boxes, sets and team sets. Newest releases including Topps sets and older boxes. Plus Ultra Pro card holders, toploaders, pages, albums and more.
  • Baseball Card Emporium – Selling baseball cards shop online store – BBC Emporium buys sports trading cards including baseball, football and basketball card collections from 1969 and older and supplies for sale
  • Baseball Factory Sets – At we carry the latest Topps Baseball Card Sets and Hobby Boxes! We provide Topps Baseball products at great prices.
  • BB Only – One of the largest inventories of Vintage to Modern Baseball Cards
  • BBC Exchange
  • Blowout Cards  (also check out Blowout Cards Forums)
  • California Sports Cards
  • Canada Card World – We feature the widest selection of Hockey, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh and Entertainment Hobby Boxes.
  • Canadian Hockey Cards – Canadian Hockey Cards: Inserts, Rookie, Tim Horton’s and McDonalds for sale. Finish your sets here.
  • Champs Sportcards –  Sports Cards Huntsville, AL
  • Charm City Cards Home Page – Baseball Cards, Football Cards, Sportscards
  • Chicagoland Sports Cards – Chicagoland Sports Cards is one of the largest and most reputable dealers of trading cards in the country. We stock the hottest selection of factory sealed boxes and cases of sports cards, non-sports cards, and any other trading cards.
  • Dave & Adam’s Card World – Shop a Huge selection of Trading Cards at Low Prices. Boxes, Cases, and Packs of Sports and Gaming Cards. Free Shipping on Orders over $199.
  • Dean’s Cards – We buy and sell more Topps vintage baseball cards, football cards, and other cards than anybody else online.
  • Diamond Cards – Sports cards, Trading cards, Baseball Cards, Football Cards, Basketball Cards
  • DJ’s Sportscards
  • – Football Cards – Singles, Rookies and Team Sets
  • House of Cards
  • Just Cards Trading Cards – Perth, WA – Huge selection of Trading Cards at Low Prices. Singles, Boxes and Packs of Sports and Gaming Cards. Find us online and at Wanneroo Markets.
  • Just Collect – The Nation’s Largest Buyer of Vintage Baseball Cards
  • Kit Young – we buy and sell vintage baseball, football, and basketball from 1900 thru 1980.
  • Kruk Cards – Kruk Cards will buy your baseball cards and collectibles! Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Golf, Non-Sport, anything! You name it, we buy it!
  • Layton Sports Cards – Layton Sports Cards a hobby shop that specializes in live box and case breaks of the newest products from Topps, Panini America, Leaf, Upper Deck and many other
  • Leaf Trading Cards – Official Site – Leaf Trading Cards – A collectibles manufacturer dedicated to delivering an exceptional collecting experience. Your Sports Trading Cards and Collectibles.
  • Legacy Sports Cards – Sports cards, Gaming Cards, Sports Memorabilia, and Trading Card Supplies in Las Vegas. Lowest Prices Guaranteed. Free shipping on orders over $150!
  • Memory Lane Inc. – Vintage base card auction site specializing in sports auctions, including baseball memorabilia, trading card auctions, sports auctions, baseball autographs auctions, rare sports card auctions, hard to find vintage baseball card auctions.
  • Mile Hile Card Co.
  • MVP Sports Cards
  • OPC Baseball – Your Online Source for Sports Cards Specializing in O-Pee-Chee Baseball
  • Baseball Cards – Baseball rookie cards, jersey cards, and autograph cards for sale
  • Peggy’s Baseball Cards – Baseball Cards for sale on the Web. Buy, Sell, or Trade Baseball Cards by e-mail.
  • shop baseball card vandals – The exclusive home of official Baseball Card Vandals merchandise. Head over to for decent jokes on worthless cards.
  • Southern Hobby Supply – Southern Hobby Supply is a Wholesale Distributor of sports cards, gaming, memorabilia and supply products.
  • Sports Cards Plus Store Blog
  • Sports Memorabilia – Buy sports memorabilia, autographs & signed gifts from MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL. Find baseball, football, basketball, hockey autographed jerseys.
  • Steel City Collectibles – Shop at Steel City Collectibles for one of the world’s largest selections of unopened boxes and cases of trading cards as well as a huge selection of autographs, memorabilia, apparel and trading card supplies.
  • The Baseball Card King!
  • The Card Swap – Baseball Cards for Sale | Baseball Card Blog
  • Ultimate Team Set – The ULTIMATE Baseball Card Collection for the ULTIMATE Fan
  • Wayne’s Sports Cards & Collectibles
  • West’s Sports Cards and Collectibles

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Card Companies

This great hobby of ours couldn’t exist without the cards themselves, so the manufacturers who put together the pasteboards we love are of paramount importance. Today, card companies are more accessible to collectors than ever before, and  many maintain a strong web presence, as evidenced by the sites below.

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Other Sites

Baseball cards aren’t all about just the cards themselves, and collectors need a little extra help from time to time. The sites listed below consist of dealer and website directories, collecting software packages, supplies retailers, and more. Enjoy clicking through these sites, because they can all enhance your hobby pleasure.

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  • BCW Blog
  • Sports Card Album – Organize your baseball card collection online with Sports Card Album. Free iPhone and Android apps for sports card collectors.
  • Sports Card Blogroll
  • Sports Card Radio – Sports Card Radio Home of The Sports Card Show Podcast News – Release Dates – Prospects – MLB – NFL – NBA
  • Sportscard Organizer – Sportscard Organizer was designed with both the beginning collector as well as life-long collector like myself in mind to help you quickly add cards, easily access your collection, provide information for insurance purposes, and know what the value of your collection is. Download a free version of the software to try for yourself.
  • SportsCard-Stores.Com
  • Strat-O-Matic – Strat-O-Matic creates the most realistic board game, computer game and online game simulations for baseball, football, hockey and basketball.
  • The APBA Blog – A blog for the fans of the sports tabletop game by the APBA Game Company. Articles will be about the APBA game and will discuss league operations, simulated replays and the fun of playing APBA.
  • The Card Collector Card Collecting Software

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Blogspot Blogs

While the blogs listed above will give you plenty of material to fuel your hobby fire, they’re just the tip of the baseball-card blog iceberg. You need look no further than Blogspot itself for proof of just how passionate card collectors are. From  dads who love the Cleveland Indians to collectors trying to own every Tim Wallach card ever made to hobbyists tracking down every player in a pack of 1986 Topps cards, these blogs have it all. And the scary — and awesome — part about it is that not even this humongous list will catch everyone, and you can be sure more card blogs will pop up tomorrow as more and more collectors catch the cardboard bug.

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