Like other sets from the Junk Wax era, there are probably enough 1990 Score baseball cards floating around out there to keep our descendants awash in a rainbow of cardboard for generations to come.

That doesn’t mean, however, that all 1990 Score cards are completely worthless.

Because, while you can certainly pick them up for a song in raw condition, and even unopened product is available on the (relative) cheap, high-quality graded singles can fetch decent money.

Well, certain singles, that is.

What follows is a list of the 1990 Score baseball cards that tend to sell for the most on eBay when graded in PSA 9 or PSA 10 condition.

As far as actual values, the cards below range from a high of about $60 in PSA 10 (again, as registered in actual eBay sales) for the Bo Jackson “shirtless” card to a low of about $10 for the Nolan Ryan highlight piece (in PSA 10).

I’ve also included links to current listings on Amazon and eBay so you can check out the very latest prices.

Let’s dig in.

1990 Score Bo Jackson (#697)

1990 Score Bo Jackson

By the time 1990 Score baseball cards hit store shelves, Bo Jackson was in full bloom on both the baseball diamond and the football gridiron.

Once a curiosity for wanting to try both sports on the pro level, Jackson had worked through enough of his rawness on the diamond to smack 32 home runs, steal 26 bases, and drive in 105 runs for the Kansas City Royals in 1989, good enough to finish 10th in the American League Most Valuable Player voting.

That fall, he rushed for 950 yards for the Los Angeles Raiders.

Bo knew everything, and Bo could do everything.

Including light the sports card hobby on fire, and Score was right there to capitalize on all that popularity and still-untapped potential.

The shirtless, horizontal, black-and-white Jackson card in the 1990 set, where he’s sporting equipment from both games, became an instant classic.

Even after Bo’s hip injury ended his football career and curtailed his time on the diamond, the image remained ingrained in our collector brains.

It still thrills, even to this day.

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1990 Score Frank Thomas Rookie Card (#663)

1990 Score Frank Thomas Rookie Card

Frank Thomas was, briefly, Bo Jackson’s football teammate for the Auburn Tigers. But while Bo went on to win the Heisman Trophy, Thomas hung up his cleats and turned all his attention to baseball.

It was a shrewd move that eventually led The Big Hurt to the Hall of Fame, but not before he became an icon with the Chicago White Sox.

His 1990 Score rookie card was never as popular as his Leaf issue from the same summer, but it has always been an essential part of any Thomas collection.

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1990 Score Larry Walker Rookie Card (#631) Score Frank Thomas Rookie Card&index=aps&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=xm2&linkId=c383a4c17c177bdb91c756a88426ad6a

Even though he was one of the greatest hitters of his generation, Larry Walker sort of sneaked up on folks, collectors included.

Part of it had to do with the fact he began his career with the Montreal Expos.

Part of it had to do that many discounted his statistics with the Colorado Rockies, pointing to his success as a creation of the Mile High air.

But Walker won the NL MVP award in 1997, was a seven-time Gold Glove winner, collected more than 2100 hits, and retired as one of the 10 or so greatest right fielders of all time.

So it’s little wonder that his rookie cards have started to heat up a bit again as he makes a late push for Cooperstown induction.

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1990 Score Nolan Ryan (#250)

Anytime you’re considering the most valuable cards of any set issued in the last 50 years or so, one of the first questions you have to ask yourself is … was Nolan Ryan in the set?

If the answer is “yes” then, I’ll lay dollars to donuts he makes the big-money list.

The 1990 Score set is no exception, with the bonus of being among the first wave of base sets to show The Ryan Express as a member of the Texas Rangers.

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1990 Score Sammy Sosa Rookie Card (#558)

1990 Score Sammy Sosa

Say what you will about Sammy Sosa — and there’s plenty of negativity surrounding him these days — but there is no denying his place in history as Mark McGwire‘s slugging partner in the great Home Run Chase of 1998.

Sure, Sosa’s legacy is tainted to the point that he’ll likely never sniff the Hall of Fame despite his three 60-homer seasons and 609 lifetime dingers, but there is still a certain appeal to his early cards.

This 1990 issue is Sammy’s first Score card and still brings double digits when it appears in PSA 10 condition. It’s a piece of history, for better or worse.

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1990 Score Ken Griffey, Jr. (#560)

1990 Score Ken Griffey jr

If there is one great player from the 1990s and 2000s who seems to have sidestepped any suspicion of PED usage, it’s the inimitable Ken Griffey, Jr.

And, from the time Junior appeared on card #1 in the inaugural Upper Deck issue in 1989, he has been been hobby royalty.

So, while this 1990 Score card is not a rookie, it makes our list of most valuable cardboard in the set.

Like Ryan, if Griffey appears in a set, he’s probably in the top handful, value-wise.

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1990 Score Deion Sanders (#586)

1990 Score Deion Sanders baseball

There is little doubt that Bo Jackson paved the way for Deion Sanders to reach some of his sporting goals.

I mean, if Bo hadn’t been tearing it up on the diamond and the gridiron at the same time, would teams in either sport have been so willing to let Neon Deion ply his two-way trade?


As things turned out, Sanders was as Hall of Fame talent in football and developed into an average (or so) but exciting part-time Major League center fielder.

That was more than good enough to create hobby buzz that keeps Deion on our list even three decades later.

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1990 Score Nolan Ryan – 1989 Highlight (#696)

1990 Score Nolan Ryan 1989 Highlight

Yep, this is yet another Nolan Ryan card.

Don’t begrudge him, though — for a few years there in the 1990s, the dude pretty much drove the high end of the market with his mound exploits as he neared 100 years of age.

This particular pasteboard highlights one of Nolan’s many, um, highlights: in particular, the time he fanned Rickey Henderson for his 5000th strikeout.

Cool trivia, cool card.

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